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How To Use Discord In UAE?

he service doesn’t work in the Emirates, so let’s check how you can use Discord in UAE:

How To Use Discord In UAE?

Follow the steps given below to use Discord in the Emirates:

  • Download a premium VPN like Nord, ExpressVPN or SurfShark
  • Connect the VPN’s server to countries like the UK/USA, which support Discord
  • Open the browser in Incognito mode 

(Skip the step if you want to use Discord mobile)

You can now use Discord, but use a premium VPN like those mentioned above. Discord hasn’t blocked these services, provides effective IP re-routing, and uses a no-log policy. 

Is It Safe To Use Discord In The Emirates?

No, it isn’t safe to use Discord in the Emirates by bypassing the ban. Upon getting caught, you would have to face legal trouble like fines, and sometimes ISP providers/government also sues you. 

Despite using a VPN, there are chances of the same. If you already use a VPN for such activities, which wasn’t effective, do visit how to check VPN fine in UAE and view your details.

Is Discord Banned In UAE? 

Yes, it is banned in UAE for the following reasons: 

  1. VoIP Restrictions: Discord allows voice calls, violating strict regulations.
  2. Content Filtering: Potential for content against cultural guidelines.
  3. Security Concerns: Encryption and anonymity raise surveillance worries.
  4. Competition: Protects local telecom companies by restricting international services.
  5. Cultural Alignment: Ensures social harmony and cultural values.

Moreover, Emirates hasn’t banned certain similar platforms despite these reasons.

Alternatives Of Discord In the Emirates

Fortunately, there are some alternatives for Discord in the UAE, which includes: 

  1. Google Meet: Video conferencing and team communication for up to 150 participants.
  2. AirSend: Voice and video calling, task management, and collaboration tools.
  3. Steam Chat: Text and voice communication, primarily for gamers.
  4. Jitsi Meet: Open-source video conferencing with secure calls and screen sharing.

You would wonder why FaceTime is missing as you would have a strange experience with the platform’s accessibility in the Emirates. So, click to check is FaceTime available in UAE

Will Discord Be Available in UAE In the Future? 

Predicting whether Discord will be available in the UAE in the future is uncertain. It depends on changes in government regulations, potential negotiations between Discord and UAE authorities, or alterations in Discord’s features to align with local requirements. 

In conclusion, to use Discord in UAE, get a premium VPN, connect to a supported country, and access it through the web or mobile app. However, using Discord in the UAE carries legal risks. The ban is due to VoIP restrictions, content filtering, security concerns, competition protection, and cultural alignment. 

You can access alternatives, including Google Meet, AirSend, Steam Chat, and Jitsi Meet. The future availability of Discord in the UAE is uncertain.

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