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What Is My IQ?

If you are searching for what is my IQ, it varies from person to person and is subjective. Below-mentioned is how you can calculate or know it! 

What Is My IQ?

Your intelligence quotient is calculated by your (mental age/ physical age) × 100. For instance, if the mental age for a 16-year-old is 18, then the result will be 18 / 16 × 100 = 112.5. 

You can also know it by taking the IQA-certified free Online IQ Test. For it, you will have to answer a series of questions in the given time slot. 

How To Calculate Mental Age? 

Calculating mental age is a way to measure cognitive ability and compare it to the average cognitive ability of a specific age group. You cannot calculate mental age precisely at home; a psychologist does so by taking a series of prescribed tests for accurate analysis. 

What Are The Ideal Levels Of IQ?

Between 110 and 119
Superior intelligence or above-average
Between 120 and 140
Superintelligence or being gifted
Scores over 140
Indicates genius or nearly genius
Scores between 80 and 89
Indicates dullness or “lower average.”
Scores under 70
Definite “feeble-mindedness” or low
Ideal IQ levels

What Is The Relationship Between IQ And Intelligence?

Intelligence covers various cognitive skills like memory, understanding, and reasoning. IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is a score from a test focused on logical thinking. However, the latter doesn’t capture all aspects of intelligence, like creativity or emotional skills. 

So, while these tests measure specific abilities, they don’t give the complete picture of someone’s cognitive capabilities.

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How To Check Intelligence Quotient? 

The different ways to check Intelligence Quotient are mentioned below: 

  1. IQ tests: These measure specific intelligence aspects, like logical reasoning. Examples include Stanford-Binet, Universal Nonverbal Intelligence, and Wechsler tests.
  2. Mental age test: Determines your mental age compared to your actual age through selected preferences in a series of sentences.
  3. Online IQ tests: Available free or paid online, pick validated ones like IQTest.com or Stanford-Binet for reliable results.

In conclusion, to know what is my IQ, you should divide your mental age by chronological and multiply the result by 100. Additionally, you can even take an online test to check your IQ. 

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