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How To Check VPN Fine in UAE?

Though VPN is legal, misusing it can cause you trouble. The following are the ways to check VPN fine in UAE. 

  1. Online via the TDRA website 
  2. TDRA Smartphone App
  3. TDRA Helpline

Check VPN Fine In UAE Online 

  • Visit the website of the TDRA website
  • Login with Emirates ID or registered mobile number
  • Navigate to the Services section, choose Inquiry and select Fine Inquiry
  • Enter your Emirates ID or phone number and click Search

The site will display a list of any outstanding fines, including any related to VPN usage. 

Using TDRA App To Check UAE Fine 

  • Download the TDRA app 
  • Log in with your Emirates ID, UAE Pass or Mobile Number 
  • Go to Home > Services > Inquiry > Fine Inquiry 
Using TDRA App To Check UAE Fine

A list of your telecom-related fines, if any, like VPN, will pop up. 

TDRA Helpline 

  • Contact the TDRA customer service hotline at 600522225
  • Inform them of your concern regarding potential VPN fines
  • Provide your Emirates ID or mobile number for identification. 

Helpline service representatives will advise you on any existing fines and guide you through the payment process. 

How To Pay VPN Fine in UAE?

When you check your VPN fine in UAE, it does display an option for paying the fine through the various online portals that support it. Just tap on Pay, and the platform will prompt you to complete the process for payment. 

Alternatively, you can visit the TDRA service centre for this purpose.

Is VPN Illegal in UAE?

No, VPN isn’t Illegal in UAE yet, but it has several constraints. Misusing the VPN for accessing blocked content, utilising an unlicensed VPN, or restricted VoIP can cause a legal tiff like monetary penalties. Even using geo-restricted apps and services causes the USA. 

Which VPN Activities Are Illegal in UAE? 

Here are some VPN activities that the UAE considers illegal: 

  • Using a VPN to access blocked content or websites: The UAE blocks access to specific websites and online content like gambling, dating, pornography, etc. Using a VPN to bypass these restrictions is illegal.
  • Using VPNs for voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calls: Using VoIP services for foul purposes is also considered illegal. 
  • Using VPNs to commit cybercrime: Using VPNs to gain unauthorised access to networks/systems, spread malware, or commit cybercrime is strictly prohibited under UAE law. 
  • Using VPNs to disseminate prohibited content: The spread of pornography, anti-government propaganda, or content related to illegal drugs/alcohol over a VPN is illegal.
  • Operating unlicensed VPNs: Providing commercial VPN services without acquiring a license from the Telecom Regulatory Authority is illegal. 

The penalties for VPN-related offences include imprisonment, device confiscation and network blocking.

What is the Fine Structure For VPN Fines Levied To Me? 

Fines for unlicensed VPNs are generally from AED 500 to AED 2,000 per offence, Yet specific violations and repeat occurrences can cause a considerable fine. Rest depends upon the illegal activity for which you use it. 

In conclusion, ensuring compliance with VPN regulations in the UAE is crucial to avoid potential fines and legal repercussions. To check VPN fine in UAE, use online platforms like the TDRA website, smartphone app, and the TDRA helpline. 

Staying informed about legal VPN usage helps users navigate the laws and regulations effectively to avoid fines and legal issues. Moreover, are you worried that using it would have registered a police case against you? If yes, then visit how to check police cases in UAE

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