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How To Check Salik Balance Without Account Number?

There are some workarounds to check Salik balance without account number; following is a list of the same: 

  1. Vehicle Plate and Mobile Number 
  2. Salik Kiosks
  3. Contact Salik Customer Service 

Check Salik Balance Without Account Number Online 

  • Go to the RTA website.
  • Select Board, and enter your plate number and mobile number.
Check Salik Balance Without Account Number Online 
  • Click Research to see your current balance.

Use Salik Kiosk To View Balance Without Account Number 

  • Locate a Salik kiosk.
  • Use the scanner to scan the tag 
  • Alternatively, input the plate number for the balance check without the tag.

Contact Salik Customer Service 

  • Call Center: Dial 800 SALIK (72545), share your plate number or registered mobile, and the representative will help you check your balance.
  • Live Chat: Visit Salik’s website or app, start a live chat, share your plate number or mobile, and get your balance from the representative.

Additional Tips To Check Salik’s Balance 

  • Register for Salik Account: Sign up online or via the app for easy balance checks and better account management.
  • Secure Your Account: Keep your Salik account number and PIN private to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Regular Checks: Make checking your Salik balance a routine to avoid low balance surprises and potential fines.
  • Enable Notifications: Get low balance alerts on the Salik app or portal to remind you to top up.

In conclusion, to check Salik balance without account number, the Vehicle Plate, phone number or the Salik tag should be present. Moreover, stick to the official Salik website for the latest and most accurate balance check and policy information. Contact Salik customer service for personalised assistance with any specific concerns or questions.

Also, do you have your account number or have created one? If yes, then click here to learn about how to check Salik Balance

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