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Is FaceTime Available In UAE? 

Amidst the stir of is FaceTime’s availability in UAE, let’s get to the point.

Is FaceTime Available In UAE?

No, FaceTime isn’t available in UAE for Apple devices purchased or originated in the region. Even a visitor in UAE can’t use it due to local regulatory compliance. 

It is blocked, and whenever you relocate where it’s allowed, the service will work. 

Why Is FaceTime Unavailable In United Arab Emirates? 

FaceTime is unavailable in the Emirates due to strict regulations related to security, privacy, and control over communication channels. These even restrict certain internet-based services, especially VoIP, including FaceTime

How To Use FaceTime In UAE? 

To use FaceTime in UAE, you need to use a premium VPN and connect its server to countries like the USA where it works. Thus, you would be able to use FaceTime. 

For more effectiveness, you should even go to your Apple profile and change your region across your devices. Click to know about how to change region in iPhone

But if your VPN proves ineffective sometimes, you must bear a hefty fine. Plus, if you misuse it, you might even be liable to getting arrested. You can quickly check VPN fine in UAE here

What are The Alternatives For FaceTime In Emirates? 

Though FaceTime and some more VoIP services are banned in the Emirates, there are some that you can use to connect with people abroad. WhatsApp video calls and conferencing, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and Google Duo are a few evergreen services. 

Will FaceTime Work In UAE  In the Future? 

Yes, FaceTime has greater chances to work in the future in the Emirates. This is because it had once started working immediately, though it had stopped later. 

Further, digital calls are increasing, and due to the FaceTime ban, people find it challenging to communicate with someone else abroad owing to greater telecom charges.  

In conclusion, you would have got your answer to is FaceTime available in UAE. Inside the country, FaceTime doesn’t work both for visitors and natives. You can use its alternatives if required. Moreover, it has greater chances to serve the Emirates in the future. 

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