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How To Transfer Balance From DU To Etisalat?

The only working methods to transfer balance from DU to Etisalat are listed below. 

  1. Transfer Balance From DU To Etisalat via the DU App 
  2. International Balance Transfer Using a Dial Code 

Transfer Balance From DU To Etisalat Via DU App 

Transfer Balance From DU To Etisalat Via DU App 
  • Sign in with your number and navigate to Transfer Credit Balance.
  • Enter the mobile number of the recipient and the amount to send.
  • Click Transfer to confirm.

The app will prompt you once the transaction is complete. Here, you will see Transfer Credit or Transfer Credit Balance based on your app update. Yet, there will be a distinction between legitimately transferring credits. 

Transferring balance via  *121*(recipient’s mobile number)*amount# is no longer possible. 

Transfer International Balance From DU To Etisalat

To transfer the international balance from Du to Etisalat:

  • Text “SEND” to 1700.
Text SEND to 1700 to transfer international balance from DU to Etisalat
  • Enter the recipient’s international phone number.
  • Choose the transfer amount and confirm.

Await order confirmation messages for both sender and recipient.

Points To Remember While Transferring Balance Between DU And Etisalat

  • The minimum transfer balance is AED 10
  • DU restricts transfers to Etisalat to three times per day
  • Only prepaid customers can transfer their balance; the feature isn’t available for postpaid plans
  • DU will deduct 5% of the balance amount as a transfer fee 

How To Send Balance From Etisalat To DU? 

To move your balance from Etisalat to DU;

  • Download and open the My Etisalat UAE app and sign-in 
  • Click the Balance Transfer option on the dashboard 
  • Type the mobile number of the recipient and the amount to transfer and confirm it 

The Etisalat app will notify you when the process is complete. Alternatively, do you want to check DU offers online? If yes, then click here to check out now!

In conclusion, two working methods exist to transfer balance from DU to Etisalat. The initial is for transferring balance within your country, while the latter is for outside. 

Moreover, the dialing code 121 no longer works now. It’s crucial to note the minimum transfer amount, daily transfer limits, and the 5% deduction as a transfer fee. Conversely, to transfer your balance vice-versa, you can use the My Etisalat UAE app.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between transferring credits and balance between DU and Etisalat?

Transferring credits from DU to Etisalat means moving talk-time or airtime between networks. Transferring balance refers to moving monetary value usable for services within the network. Credits are specific units for calls and texts; balance is broader monetary value.

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