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What Is Visa Number In UAE?

If you are looking for what is Visa Number in UAE, it is a unique code assigned to an individual’s visa upon entering the United Arab Emirates. It’s crucial for administrative tasks like visa renewals, residency permits, and employment procedures. 

Moreover, it is also commonly needed for banking, legal, and official documentation during one’s stay in the UAE. Keeping it accessible is advisable as it’s often required for official verifications or identifications.

What Is Visa Number in UAE Documents? 

To locate your UAE visa number, refer to your residency visa or Emirates ID, where this number is typically printed. If you don’t have access to these documents, contact the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in your emirate of residence. They can assist in providing your visa number.

What Is The Format of Visa Number in UAE? 

201/2023/2xxxxxx and 201/2023/3xxxxxx are examples of UAE Visa numbers.

  • Its initial three digits denote issuing Emirates: Abu Dhabi (101), Dubai (201), Sharjah (301), Ajman (401).
  • The following four digits represent the year of visa issuance.
  • Subsequent numbers constitute the unique UAE visa identifier.

Difference Between Visa Number and UID

The UAE Visa Number is a unique identifier assigned explicitly to an individual’s visa within their passport. It helps them track and manage visa details for administrative purposes.

In contrast, the UID Number in the UAE serves as a broader identifier, connecting individuals to various records. It aids in streamlining identification processes and transactions within the country. Most importantly, the Visa number changes upon subsequent visa applications while the UID number is constant. 

Things To Consider About UAE Visa

Once you have seen your UAE Visa Number, the following are the things you should take care of: 

  • Don’t reveal your UAE visa number to anyone except using it in the official documents 
  • Note the Visa Number in a password manager and keep a secure one 
  • Keep checking about the Visa eligibility and renew it before expiry to avoid extra fine

How To Check UAE Visa Status?

To check your UAE visa status:

Additionally, for more details about how to check UAE Visa Status. Knowing your UAE visa and unified number helps with various UAE administrative tasks. Follow these steps on the ICA website to check your visa status and other essential info.

How To Apply For a UAE Visa? 

Follow the steps given below to apply for UAE Visa: 

  • Choose whether you want a Student, Spouse, Residence, or Tourist Visa 
  • Find your sponsor if required
  • Talk to a consultant and know the entire process 
  • Gather documents accordingly like valid passport, Visa application form, passport-sized photos, financial, medical, and related documents 
  • Apply online or via an agent 

Do consider that you meet the eligibility criteria and await approval. 

In conclusion, if you were looking for what is Visa number in UAE, then you would have got your answer. It’s the unique code that the embassy assigns on your entry to the Emirates. It is different from the UID number and even differs depending upon the year in which you gain visa issuance. 

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