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How to Check Overstay Fine in UAE?

How to Check Overstay Fines?

To know the overstay fine for a tourist (visit) visa or a resident visa, you need to visit the ICA official website.

You need to have the details specified below in your hands when you enter the ICA website:

  • Visa File Number
  • Residence Visa Copy
  • Date of Birth

Follow these steps to check your visa status in UAE:

  1. Visit the ICA website smart services.
  2. Click on the “Public Services” tab on the home page.
  3. Then choose “Fines and Leave Permits”.
  4. Look for the “Fines – Pay Fines” option and click the “Start Service” button.
  5. Fill in the required details on the three-step page, including the visa file number, department number, year of getting the visa, serial number, 7-digit sequence number, date of birth, and captcha code.
  6. Click the Search button to find the number of overstay days and the fine amount for your UAE visa.
check overstay fine

Ways to Check Overstay Fine in UAE!

In the UAE, individuals may incur overstay fines if their visa has expired, and they have exceeded the authorized period of stay. This applies to both tourist and visit visas. Additionally, residents with expired visas are also subject to overstay fines.

However, there is a difference in the grace periods provided to visa holders. Tourist or visit visa holders are granted a 10-day grace period to settle their overstay situation, while residents with expired visas are given a more extended 30-day window to address their overstay.

To check for overstay and the corresponding fines, both residents and visit visa holders can conveniently use the online platform. By accessing the ICA website and following the necessary steps, individuals can determine the number of days they have overstayed and the fine amount they need to pay accordingly. This digital approach simplifies the process and ensures individuals can promptly resolve their overstay situations.

Overstaying Your Visa in the UAE

Tourist visa or visit visa holders.

Effective immediately, tourists visiting the UAE will no longer benefit from a 10-day grace period to exit the country after their visa expires. Instead, they will be required to pay a daily fine of AED 50 ($13.60) for overstaying, along with additional charges for exit permits.

Previously, individuals who stayed beyond the validity of their visa were granted a grace period of ten days to leave the country before fines were imposed. This new policy aims to enforce visa regulations more rigorously and encourage compliance with visa expiration dates.

  • New rules allow for a Dubai visit visa extension of up to 30 days, enabling a maximum stay of 120 days in the UAE.
  • Tourists with a 5-year visa can also extend their stay by an additional 90 days.
  • If you anticipate an overstay in Dubai, apply for a visa extension promptly.
  • Overstaying your visa will result in an overstay fine of 50 AED and a service fee of 100 AED upon crossing the border.

UAE resident visa holders

As a UAE resident, once your residence visa expires, you are granted a 30-day grace period during which you can either change your status, apply for a new residence visa, or exit the country without incurring any fines. It is crucial to take action during this grace period to avoid penalties.

  • If you overstay after the grace period, you will be charged a fine of 50 AED for the first day and an additional 50 AED for each day from the second day onwards.
  • The fine increases to 50 AED per day after six months of overstaying and a further 50 AED per day after one year of overstaying.

If you are facing delays with your new employer’s visa processing, you can apply for a tourist visa with or without exit. This allows you to change your status while waiting for the new residence visa.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the UAE tourist visa extension option and its details, we recommend exploring further information. It is essential to stay informed and proactive to avoid any legal consequences related to visa status in the UAE.

Where to pay the Overstay Fine

Settling your overstaying fines in the UAE is convenient and can be done at various locations. You have the flexibility to choose from the following options:

  1. Entry Ports: You can settle your overstaying fines at the airport, land borders, or seaports when you are exiting the country.
  2. Immigration Offices: Visit the nearest immigration office to settle your fines in person.
  3. Amer Offices: Amer offices are also equipped to handle fine payments for overstaying.
  4. Typing Centers: Many typing centres across the UAE can assist you in settling your fines.

Opt for a visa extension through a tourism company. They will take care of the payment process on your behalf, making it hassle-free for you.

Remember, it is essential to address any visa-related issues promptly to avoid accumulating fines and potential legal consequences. Choose the option that best suits your situation and ensure a timely resolution to maintain a compliant visa status in the UAE.

Service Fee for Overstay Fine Payment

 The service fee is 100 AED. This fee is charged in addition to the daily fine amount for each day of overstaying. For example, if you overstay for one day, you will be charged 50 AED as the fine and an additional 100 AED as the service fee. The service fee remains the same regardless of the number of days you have overstayed.

How to avoid Overstay Fines in UAE

Follow these simple tips to avoid overstaying fines in the UAE:

  • Plan your return trip in advance and use a Visa days calculator to accurately count your days of stay.
  • Use UAE Immigration’s file validity checking systems to confirm your last day of stay after entering the country.
  • Request your visa provider to send you screenshots from the immigration system to confirm your last day of stay in the UAE.
  • Understand your visa type and read about the grace periods and their availability in the Type of visas in UAE.
  • Avoid traveling on the last day of your grace period as flight delays can lead to overstaying. Always plan to travel at least 2 days before your last day of the grace period.

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