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How to Register SIM Card Online in Dubai?

📱 Unlocking the Secrets: A Step-by-Step Guide to Registering Your SIM Card in the UAE 📱

Are you ready to crack the mystery behind registering your SIM card in the UAE? Whether you’re a new resident of Dubai or a seasoned traveller, navigating the process of getting your SIM card up and running can sometimes be a bit of a task.

In this comprehensive blog, we’ll lead you through the intricate maze of SIM registration. Say goodbye to confusion and uncertainty, as we unlock how you can register for a sim card in UAE easily.

Registration of SIM Card in Dubai

Etisalat SIM

To get a prepaid connection from Etisalat UAE, you need to upload a valid Emirates ID to the service provider.

To get a postpaid connection from Etisalat UAE, you need to have the following documents on hand for submission, in person or online.

  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Payslip (salary certificate indicating a minimum withdrawal of AED 4,000)
  • Vehicle registration number and
  • Credit card details 


To get a prepaid connection from DU, you need to upload your valid Emirates ID.

Similarly, to get a postpaid connection from Du, you need to submit the following documents.

  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Salary statement
  • Credit card details 

All the submitted documents are verified to be authentic, and once it is done you will be provided with your SIM access.

SIM Cards for Dubai Tourists

As you enter Dubai, UAE, like other countries you will be needed to purchase a SIM for telecommunication in that country. You do not need to go out of the Dubai International Airport premise to get a tourist SIM card. Travellers or visitors to the country, particularly, those above 18 years of age are provided a free tourist SIM card at the Dubai airport itself.

You can choose a SIM from either Etisalat or DU. These SIM cards are usually “prepaid”. Once you settle down, you can always customize your SIM by picking a scheme of your choice based on your talk time, mobile internet data, and other options.

Visitors who are on a short trip can avail of SIM packages just to cover their time of stay. The tourist or visitor free SIM package will include apart from a free SIM card: 20 Mbs of internet data, three flexible minutes, and a time validity of one month. The tourists can add data and talk time, as needed till their period of stay in Dubai.

tourist sim card registration

Tourists can add more calling minutes or data via three recharge options by du:

  • Pay Dh25 and get 150 MB data – 10 flexible minutes, three-day validity.
  • Pay Dh55 and get 500 MB data – 20 flexible minutes, seven-day validity.
  • Pay Dh110 and get 2 GB data – 40 flexible minutes and 14-day validity.

To activate the complimentary Sim, you need to insert the Sim card in your phone, dial *122# and follow the instructions.

Activation of the Free SIM

You can activate the free SIM card on your mobile phone by dialling *122#.

Though you are provided the SIM card ( free of charge, you need to submit copies of your passport and visa to get one from the authorities concerned.

There are two types of SIM cards in the UAE:

1. Pre-paid SIM:
– Pay as you go based on schemes offered by the telecom provider.
– Customize your plan according to your needs.
– Top up your balance for continuous usage.

2. Post-paid SIM:
– Receive a monthly phone bill after each billing cycle.
– Pay the bill by the specified due date to avoid service interruption.
– Payment options are available through local banks, kiosks, or the operator’s mobile app.

SIM Card Validity

Your SIM card remains valid as long as your visa is valid. If you renew your visa, you must update your service provider with the new details. To help with this, operators send text messages to remind users about updating their visa renewal information.

If you fail to verify and update your documents on time, your SIM connection may be cancelled. So, it’s essential to keep your information up to date to avoid any issues.

Revoking the Cancellation of the SIM Card

You need to pay a one-month fee to revoke the cancellation of our SIM card. You do not need to pay the fee for the entire contract period in this case.

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