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How To Track Emirates ID Delivery?

The method to track Emirates ID Delivery differs according to your chosen medium! 

  1. Track Emirates ID Delivery Using the IC Website 
  2. Track Emirates ID Delivery By Contact IC Call Center 

Track Emirates ID Delivery Via the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (IC) Website

Your Emirates ID application status will be displayed in a pop-up window.

  • Visit the link here to open the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (IC) website 
  • In Check Application Status, enter your Emirates ID, Application Number (PRAN) and Passport Number 
  • Press the Check button 

Track Emirates ID Delivery By Calling the IC Call Center

If you can’t see your application status online, call the IC Call Center at 600 522 222 in the UAE. For outside help, reach out to +971 4 355 6000.

Give them your Emirates ID or application number, and they’ll help you track your application.

Additional Tips to Take Care When You Track Emirates ID Delivery

You should take care of the following while tracking Emirates ID: 

  • Have the correct Emirates ID or application number handy for tracking.
  • Wait a while after applying before checking the status.
  • Contact the IC Call Center if your application is delayed.
  • Regularly track your Emirates ID status for updates and prompt issue resolution.

What Does Emirates ID Application Status Mean? 

The following is a list of things that your Emirates ID tracking will show and what it means: 

  • Date of application submission: When you first applied.
  • Date sent for printing: When they started making your Emirates ID card.
  • Date of information verification: Checking and confirming your submitted details.
  • Date card was printed: When your Emirates ID card was made.
  • Date of dispatch to the post office: When they sent your card to the post office for you to pick up.

Thus, you can know when you can go to pick up your Emirates ID or get it delivered. 

How To Renew Emirates ID? 

Additionally, if you haven’t applied for Emirates ID and it is expired, follow the steps given below: 

  • Go to the ICP website or download the ICP app.
  • Login with your details 
  • Click the “Services” tab and select “Renew Emirates ID.”
  • Enter your Emirates ID number and other required information.
  • Pay the application fee.

You will receive an SMS notification when your Emirates ID is ready for collection.

How Much Does Emirates ID Renewal Cost? 

Below is a breakdown of how much the renewal cost: 

  • Replacement: AED 300.
  • Additional fees: AED 70 at typing centers or AED 40 for eForm applications.
  • Express service: AED 150 at ICA’s Customer Happiness Centre.
  • Late Renewal: 30-day grace period after expiry.Afterward, fines of AED 20/day, up to AED 1,000 maximum.

How To Cancel Emirates ID?

When you cancel your residence visa in the UAE, give back your Emirates ID to your employer or Immigration. It’s essential to do this right to avoid any legal problems. Whether you’re new, changing jobs, or leaving the country, ensure your Emirates ID gets appropriately canceled.

In conclusion, you can track your Emirates ID delivery from the IC website. If you have any difficulty, contact the call center at 600 522 222, and their representative will help you. Further, you can even check your Emirates ID status by visiting here

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do If I Lose My Emirates ID? 

If you lose your Emirates ID, go to the police station and report it lost (costs 70 AED). Next, tell the Identity and Citizenship Authority within seven days. 

Further, visit their office and pay 300 AED for a new card (370 AED if in person, 340 AED online). Don’t forget to pick up your new card from the nearest post office.

In how many days will Emirates IDs come?

Emirates ID comes within 7-10 business days. 

Can I check my UAE visa status with Emirates ID?

Yes, you can check your UAE visa status with Emirates ID. 

Is Emirates ID linked to your visa?

Yes, Emirates ID is linked to a visa. 

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