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How to Renew Ejari Online?

To renew Ejari online, there are three methods: 

  1. Dubai Land Development (DLD’s) Ejari Portal 
  2. Dubai REST app
  3. Dubai Now app 

 Renew Ejari Online Via Dubai Land Development Website

  • Open the link given here and log in with your Emirates ID 
  • Upload the essential documents required 
  • Pay the renewal fees through Noqodi  or Credit/Debit 
  • Click to Submit the form 

Ejari Online Renewal with Dubai REST App 

Renewing Ejari online in Dubai using the Dubai REST app follows the same process as registering a new tenancy contract. A renewed contract is treated as a new agreement and must be registered with Ejari. Here’s the procedure.

  • Download the REST app
  • Select Register Ejari Contract from Frequently Used Services 
  • Fill in your details 
  • Upload the required documents and pay for renewal fees

Use Dubai Now for Renewing Ejari Online

To renew Ejari via Dubai Now, follow these steps:

  • Download the Dubai Now app and login 
  • Beneath Housing, choose Ejari Services 
  • Select Renew Ejari
  • Enter your details and complete the payment 

After submitting the renewal application, a representative will review and verify the provided documents. Upon successful renewal, you will receive a new Ejari certificate, fee receipt, and attested leasing agreement with an Ejari number via email.

Additionally, you can also renew it from Ejari-approved typing centers, Real Estate Services, and Trustee offices. 

Conditions for Renewing Ejari 

Below-mentioned are the conditions for renewing Ejari:

  • The person handling the renewal cannot work for a real estate company.
  • The application must be submitted by the property owner, tenant, PRO, or someone with an official power of attorney.
  • A first-degree relative with proof can apply on behalf of the concerned person or someone with a power of attorney.
  • If the applicant represents a company, they must be registered in the company’s license.
  • If the applicant is a company representative, they must provide a representative card in the company’s name.

If the applicant is an employee, they must submit a letter of delegation on the company’s letterhead, stamped and signed by the company, along with a copy of the applicant’s passport, visa page, and original Emirates ID card.

Documents Required to Renew Ejari Online 

The following are the documents required for Ejari renewal in Dubai:

Property Owners/Landlord

– Copy of passport (if an expat)

– Copy of Emirates ID

– Copy of property ownership documents


– Copy of trade license

– Copy of property ownership documents

– Copy of Emirates ID and passport copy of the company’s official representative (if an expat)

– Authorization letter from the company with names of authorized employees for Ejari system usage

– Copy of passport and Emirates ID of the authorized employees mentioned in the letter

Property Management (applying on the company’s behalf)

– Submit the same documents as for a company/business.

Agent applying on behalf of landlord (if landlord is an expat)

– Copy of landlord’s passport and Emirates ID

– Agent’s passport copy and Emirates ID

– Power of Attorney (PoA) copy or legal guardianship order’s copy


– Original lease agreement

– Emirates ID copy

– Copy of PoA if using an agent for renewal (specify Emirate if issued outside Dubai)

Additional documents for apartment/villa on rent

– Recent DEWA bill or letter with meter number (if electricity meters are shared)

– Undertaking form for Real Estate Services Trustee renewal

– Tenant’s visa, Emirates ID, and passport copies

– Title deed

– Copy of previous Ejari certificate.

What is the Cost of Online Ejari Renewal?

The online Ejari renewal fee is AED 155, excluding VAT, with an extra AED 20 for Knowledge and Innovation. Registering the renewed tenancy contract at a Real Estate Services Trustee office costs AED 219.75, including VAT.

In conclusion, to renew, you must have registered the previous tenancy agreements with Ejari. Tenants should renew Ejari each time their rental contract is renewed, using the Dubai REST app, DubaiNow app, or through a Real Estate Services Trustee office. Cancellation is possible with specific terms. For more information, contact info@dubailand.gov.ae, including your name and registered cell phone number.


1. Can I renew my tenancy contract with Ejari, even if I have not registered the previous ones?

No, you cannot renew or register a new tenancy agreement with Ejari if the previous contracts have not been registered. Ensure all pending rental agreements are registered with Ejari before applying for renewal.

2. Do tenants need to renew Ejari every time their rental contract is renewed?

Yes, tenants must register the renewed lease agreements with Ejari using the Dubai REST app or the DubaiNow app. If continuing through the DLD website or a Real Estate Services Trustee office, tenants should verify that the landlord or property agent has processed the Ejari renewal request.

3. Can I cancel Ejari? What is the process?

Yes, you can cancel Ejari’s registration, subject to specific terms and conditions.

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