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How To Close Mashreq Neo Account?

To close Mashreq Neo account, you can follow any of the methods listed below:

  1. Apple ID on iOS
  2. Play Store on Android
  3. App Store on Mac
  4. PayPal
  5. Mashreq Neo Customer Care
  6. Mashreq Neo Website

Close Mashreq Neo account on iOS

Follow the steps given below to initiate cancellation via canceling subscription: 

  • Open the Settings App and tap on your name 
  • In it, click on Enrollments and then tap on your Apple ID 
  • Sign in with the ID, view your details, and navigate to Memberships 
  • Select Mashreq Neo and tap the Cancel Subscription option 

To Close your Mashreq Neo Account on Android 

Here’s how you can cancel Mashreq Neo by unsubscribing using Google PlayStore: 

  • Open PlayStore
  • Tap on your Profile icon and choose Payments and Subscriptions
  • In it, select Subscriptions
  • Navigate to Mashreq Neo and tap the Cancel Subscription button
  • PlayStore will prompt you to complete the process, and it won’t charge you further. 

To Initiate Mashreq Neo Account Closure on Mac

Below mentioned are the steps to close the account on Mac: 

  • Go to Mac App Store and click your name
  • Navigate to View Information and sign in when prompted to do so 
  • Scroll down to Memberships and select Make due 
  • Now, locate Mashreq Neo and click Alter next to it 
  • Next, choose the Drop Subscription 

To Close Mashreq Account Subscription using PayPal 

To close Mashreq Neo Account Subscription with PayPal: 

  • Visit https://paypal.com and sign in
  • From the top-right, open Settings 
  • Go to Installments and navigate to Automatic Payments 
  • In it, tap on Oversee Automatic Payments, click on Mashreq Neo Bank Basic
  • A prompt box will appear; select Drop Automatic Payments to confirm
  • After it is completed, press Done 

Cancel Mashreq Neo Subscription via Customer Care and Website

When you avail of your account subscription using the website, you can cancel it via customer care. To do so, visit the Mashreq Neo site and contact your payments provider or customer care services to get your account closed. 

To cancel Mashreq Neo via website:

  • Visit the Mashreq Neo website and sign in with your account
  • Tap on your profile and click the Close Account button 
  • Input your password and confirm to proceed 

How to Fully Close Mashreq Neo Account?

After canceling the subscription of the Mashreq Neo Account, there are more steps involved in the full closure of it. 

1] Clear the Pending Dues 

Before closing the account, ensure that you have settled all the pending dues linked to your Account. Having unpaid credit cards, loans, and such stuff would make you liable for a fine. 

2] Collect the Required Documents 

You need several documents during am Account Closure. Mashreq Neo specifies them and hence gathers all of them. These include identity and address proof, other essential ones that the website specifies.

3] Head-Over to the Nearest Mashreq Neo Branch 

Next, you are all set to visit the nearest Mashreq Neo branch. Further, meet the bank representative, show the documents, and specify your account closure with an account. 

4] Follow-up Mashreq Neo Account Closure 

Afterward, keep track of whether your account was closed correctly. Also, whether the process is completed properly. 

Thus, you have successfully closed your Mashreq Neo Account. 

Things to Consider While You Close Mashreq Neo Account

Before fully closing your Mashreq Neo Account, you should also keep a note of some essential things. These include knowing whether the bank account close will charge you any penalty or hidden charges. Also, if your account is linked to any other services, then make sure to delink or cancel those services as well.

What is the Difference Between Mashreq and Mashreq Neo?

While Mashreq and Mashreq Neo accounts may sound similar, it’s important to note their distinct differences. Mashreq refers to the traditional banking services provided by Mashreq Bank, offering a comprehensive range of banking products and services. On the other hand, Mashreq Neo is a digital banking platform, specifically designed to cater to customers seeking a seamless online banking experience.

In conclusion, Closing your Mashreq Neo Account requires following the specific procedures based on the platform you availed of the subscription. Whether you’re using iOS, Android, Mac, or PayPal, we’ve provided step-by-step instructions to guide you through the account closure process. 

However, it’s important to remember that after canceling your Mashreq Neo subscription, additional steps exist to fully close the account, including clearing any pending dues, gathering the required documents, and visiting the nearest Mashreq Neo branch to initiate the account closure.

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