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Check Fab/Nbad Balance Enquiry Check (PrePaid, Salary, Ratibi)

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) is the largest bank in the UAE. A merger between First Gulf Bank – (FGB) and National Bank of Abu Dhabi – (NBAD) paved the way for the formation of the company.

First Abu Dhabi Bank offers corporate and investment banking as well as personal banking solutions, products, and services.

Please see the following instructions on how to check the fab balance on your prepaid card.

What types of balance can be checked in the portal?

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Step 1: Visit the PPC portal of FAB Bank

Fab bank has provided a free online balance inquiry portal for all cardholders to check their balance on their account.


Step 2: Type 2 Last Digits From Your Card Number

Ensure you keep your FAB prepaid card with you. You will be needing it to type a number from your card to check your balance.


Step 3: Enter your Card ID

From the lower-left face of your prepaid card, you will see a 13 digit number. Enter the number in the following field.


FAB Bank Prepaid Cards (Payment Card)

FAB bank offers prepaid cards that can be used in UAE without being limited to ATM withdrawals and POS transactions. FAB offers payment cards for companies handling recurring payments and petty cash.

Payment cards have the following features:

  • Activation is not required
  • There is no need for a bank account
  • There is no monthly or minimum balance charge
  • Acceptance of cards at domestic ATMs and international in-store purchases
  • Using FAB ATMs, the cardholder can choose his / her own “PIN”
  • Statements are free for cardholders
  • Prepaid Online Portal is available 24/7 for free
  • You can find ATMs and CDMs 24/7 using the largest ATM network or CDM network

Protection and Security

Against current corporate requirements, payment cards offer these Security and Control features:

  • Protection from skimming fraud with a chip and PIN card
  • Online purchases require an OTP for security
  • Payment solutions for corporate customers to meet authorization
  • limits and control requirements
  • Manage cash flow, generate reports, and track expenditures with expense management solutions

Ratibi Prepaid Card: Employees earning up to AED 5,000 are eligible for Ratibi, an online payroll solution. They will not be required to have a bank account to receive salaries.

You can check your ratibi balance from the above method as well.

FAB offers a card management solution that is simple, fast, and smart. With the online balance inquiry system, the seamless way to know the balance has been useful for all Fab/Nbad cardholders.

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