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How to Renew a Driving License in Dubai ?

To renew a driving license in Dubai, follow any of the methods given below:

  1. RTA website
  2. RTA Smart Mobile Application
  3. RTA Call Center

To Renew your Driving License in Dubai Online

Renew a driving license in Dubai by visiting the RTA website. Next, create an account and fill in your existing license details. Further, confirm the account creation and get an eye test done, and the optician will send the results; each will be directly linked to the RTA account.

Now pay the required charges as per your preferred payment method like credit card or any other.

To renew your Dubai Driving License using the RTA Smart Mobile Application

 Follow the steps given below:

  • Log in to Driver License Services and fill in all your details
  • Choose your license delivery method and also the suitable payment option you prefer
  • After approval, RTA will send you a temporary license on your email ID

 Renew Dubai Driving License via RTA Call Centre

To Renew your Dubai driving license via phone call at RTA:

  • Call 8009090 to contact the RTA Call Center
  • Further, when prompted, press the * key for all the services
  • Next, press the 1 key, which is for vehicle licensing and other e-services
  • Now, press 2 to plan your journey

 After doing so, an agent will contact you.

Renew your Dubai Driving License using the Customer Happiness Center on Wheels

RTA has set up mobile units, at the Customer Happiness Centres in Dubai and not in places like Abu Dhabi. This Mobile truck service unit has self-service machines and a few employees to help you with the process. This unit keeps on visiting specific areas of Dubai for ten days each. Besides, its working hours are from 11 pm to 4 pm. If you are thinking about finding its location, visit the RTA website or check out its social handle.

Apart from license renewal, you can also use it to get parking cards, renew your vehicle registration cards or clear your traffic fines.

What is the Processing Time and Validity of Driving License Renewal in Dubai?

The RTA Dubai processes the renewed license within 3-5 working days. Moreover, if your age is below 21, it is valid for 1 year. In contrast, if your age is above 21, your driving license is valid for 10 years, provided you are an Emirati.

If you are a resident of Dubai or a GCC citizen, then the driving license will be valid for 5 years.

Who is Eligible for Driving License Renewal in Dubai?

Dubai residents aged 21 years can get a driving license in Dubai. Moreover, RTA also emphasizes that the ones aged below 21 would first get a probationary driving license (learner’s permit) for 6 months and then would have to apply for a driving test and clear it. Expats driving license is valid for 5 years in Dubai.

Documents Required to Renew your Driving License in Dubai

You need the following documents for driving license renewal in Dubai depending upon your case:

  • Drivers younger than 21 years : Valid Emirates ID – original
  • Drivers older than 21 years : Valid Emirates ID – original & Eye Test Qualification report based upon category
  • Diplomats: Valid Emirates ID – original, if they possess & the Diplomatic Cards for Consulates, Embassies, and any International Organizations (instead of the Emirates ID)
  • People of determination: A copy of the transfer certificate is issued by the Licensing Agency to the concerned doctor. You need to specifically report to ‘Rashid Hospital’ for this test if you are unfit to drive.
  • Dubai Passport Holder Born to An Emirati Woman: Copy of Valid Passport, Letter copy from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs authenticating that the person’s mother is an Emirati.
  • Dubai passport holder without a family book: Copy of valid passport, copy of “Marsoom”

Now, next, you must know the costs incurred upon a driving license renewal.

How Much Does it Cost For Driving License Renewal in Dubai?

When renewing a expired license in Dubai, there are various costs involved. Here is a breakdown of the typical costs associated with renewing a driving license:

  1. License Renewal Fee: The basic license renewal fee is usually around AED 300.
  2. Eye Test Fee: The fee for the test is approximately AED 150.
  3. Knowledge and Innovation Fee: A fee of around AED 20 is charged as a knowledge and innovation fee.
  4. Medical Test Fee (if applicable): In some cases, a medical test may be required, costing around AED 260.
  5. Courier Fee (optional): There is an additional courier fee of around AED 25 if you want delivery of driving license.

What is the Penalty for Not Renewing a Driving License in Dubai on Time?

If you do not delay your driving license on time by less than 1, 5, or 10 years depending upon your case, you are liable to a fine of AED 10 per month. The maximum amount in some instances even reaches AED 500.

 Further, if you have crossed the 1, 5, or 10 years validity period, you must get a new one again. This is because the license will no longer apply to renewal. Here too, you have to pay a fine of AED 1,370.

Dubai Temporary Driving License (Interim Driver’s License)

After your renewed license is processed, but you don’t get the hard copy till then, you get a digital copy. You cannot use it as an original license as it is a temporary driving license which RTA calls Interim Driver’s License. You can use the  license via email which RTA has send you till you get the delivery of the original renewed license.


Is an Eye Test Required For Renewing at Happiness Center? 

No, an eye test is not required.

Will the RTA Deliver Driving License If I Renew It Online?

No, RTA will not deliver your driving license if you don’t choose it during the renewal process. You have to get it by visiting the center and deciding to get it via courier; a specific fee is applicable. 

Can I Renew Driving License in Dubai If I Am On a Tourist Visa?

No, you cannot renew your driving license for Dubai on a tourist visa. 

In conclusion, if you would be looking for how to renew a driving license in Dubai and would have got your answer. There aren’t dedicated centers for the same, so you must renew driving license online, via a mobile app, phone call, or check out the happiness center.


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