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How To Book Taxi In Abu Dhabi?

There are various methods to book taxi in Abu Dhabi; below mentioned is a list of the same: 

  1. Abu Dhabi Taxi App 
  2. Call the TransAD hotline 
  3. Flag down 

Book Taxi in Abu Dhabi using the Abu Dhabi Taxi App

  • Download and install the Abu Dhabi Taxi App 
  • Register or log in with your details 
  • Choose the taxi type, pickup location, pickup time/date and similar in the respective fields 
book taxi in Abu Dhabi using the Abu Dhabi taxi app
  • Confirm the taxi booking by tapping Ride Later or Ride Now 

Use The TransAD Hotline

Dial the TransAD hotline at 600535353 to speak with a customer service representative and order your taxi. Inform them of your location and desired destination.

Flag Down To Book Tax in Abu Dhabi 

Just stand at the corner of the road, street or on the footpath and raise your hand to halt a taxi driver. Yet, do so only with the silver livery and yellow roof sign that Abu Dhabi classic taxis have! Other taxis would have certain exceptions. 

Will The Booked Taxi Arrive Early?

When you use the Abu Dhabi Taxi app or reach out to the TransAD hotline, you can keep track of the arrival time. However, peak travel times like mornings and evenings would increase wait time. 

Things To Consider When Booking a Taxi in Abu Dhabi

Before booking  a taxi in Abu Dhabi, be mindful of the following things: 

  • Surcharges and travel planning: Peak travel timings would cause potential taxes and hence, think of an alternative route. Moreover, plan your travel accordingly.
  • Cash or Cashless: When booking, ensure that the taxi accepts the payment mode you will be using. When booking online or on call, enquire about it before. 
  • Meter Matters: Ensure the taxi meter is running before your journey begins. This guarantees fair and transparent pricing.

How Much Does It Cost To Book a Taxi In Abu Dhabi?

The daytime starting fare for a regular taxi in Abu Dhabi city is AED 3.50. Also, the per-kilometer charge is AED 1.82 , and the per-minute waiting charge is AED 0.50. The minimum trip fare is AED 12. If you book a taxi in advance, there is an additional booking fee of AED 4.

If you are travelling from the airport, the starting fare is AED 20 for a small vehicle and AED 25 for a large vehicle. The per-kilometer and per-minute charges are the same as the regular taxi

In conclusion, there are three ways to book taxi in Abu Dhabi. The first is to use the Abu Dhabi Taxi app, proceeding via the TransAD hotline or waving hands on the road. Be mindful of the peak travel times and its surcharges so you don’t run out of cash. 

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