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Best Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Are you a foodie looking for places to eat in Abu Dhabi and seeking yummilicious cuisine, all in one place? Then you have landed in right place. Abu Dhabi is a hub of international restaurants serving millions of travelers and foodies every single day.

Abu Dhabi can also be called the food entertainer because the very presence of local and international cuisine definitely hypnotizes the onlookers, let alone the taste.

Abu Dhabi is a culinary-rich capital attracting people from all over the world. It is famed not just for its fastest roller coaster adventures, delightful shopping, and mesmerizing Sheikh Zayed Mosque but also for its mouthwatering kebabs, sheik rolls, shawarma, and more.

The endless cuisines offered by the Abu Dhabi restaurants will surely make your trip a memorable and the best one.

Best Restaurants in Abu Dhabi: From Foodies & Local Guides

The words would fall shorter if one starts to write about all the amazing restaurants where to eat in Abu Dhabi. Therefore, this article presents you with some of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi to help you experience cuisine in its original form.

Avg Cost (2p)
Known For
Asian & Indian
AED 350
Friendly Staff & Decor
Arabian & European
AED 230
Friendly Staff & Decor
AED 375
Friendly Staff & Decor
AED 335
Seaview & Live Music
AED 500
Food Quality & Service
AED 600
Price & Service
AED 700
Live Music & Price

Punjab Grill (Indian Cuisine)

Luxury DiningWaterfrontFull Bar AvailablePrivate Dining AreaIndoor SeatingOutdoor SeatingTable Booking Recommended

Finding its spot in the Ritz Carlton, Punjab Grill sure has taken the culinary world by storm. It presents its diners world-class food experience with the perfect and right ambiance. Punjab Grill takes a stand as one of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi promising an unforgettable appetizing experience. The spices and flavors in the restaurant are magical and delicious.

The restaurant has a place for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diners. It has some of the most innovative and unique starters such as watermelon sliders, leaving you craving for more.

Apart from treating its diners’ taste buds, it also offers a beautiful mosque view and connecting bridges, making its diners feel relaxed and contented.

Highly recommend. Waiters are very respectful and helpful. Nice ambiance, they have private cabins too. Delicious food with a very unique taste, Deserves every calorie. We ordered Butter-chicken and Biryani , both were superb. Will definitely come again.

– Deema Majjan, Local Guide

One of the most amazing Indian restaurants. Food is to die for and the friendly, warm service is outstanding. More than value for money. A must if you’re visiting Abu Dhabi!!

– Pravina P, Traveller

Punjab Grill Restuarant Abu Dhabi

Open in Google MapsCheck Menu

Top Dishes People Order
Watermelon Slider, Butter Chicken, Rasmalai, Naan, Dal Makhani, Mutton Biryani, Chocolate Cake

People Liked
Friendly Staff, Courteous Staff, Decor, Lovely Ambiance

Average Cost
AED 350 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol
AED 35 for a pint of beer (approx.)

The Terrace on the Corniche (Arabian & European Cuisine)

BuffetBrunchBreakfastFull Bar AvailablePrivate Dining Area AvailableOutdoor SeatingIndoor Seating

If the buffet is on your mind, then the best restaurant recommended is The Terrace on the Corniche. It never fails to amuse its diners with varieties of food options and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The interior is elegantly designed and the staff is professionally trained to entertain its guests. The best day recommended visiting this restaurant is on Friday, for its varied dishes.

Besides its main course, the deserts surpass everything for it is marvelously decorated, thereby presenting a masterpiece. The chocolate fountain and the sculpted cakes are a must-try in this restaurant.

Extremely good place. We went there for the seafood buffet and we’ll definitely go again! So many things to try!!!

– Dejana Vladimirova, Local Guide

Literally, my jaw dropped when I saw this place – like never seen a brunch place like this in my life. Coming from Canada, I thought it was super expensive, but honestly, when you see it, it actually seems pretty reasonable. I can’t think of a better way to do Abu Dhabi in style.

– Samuele Shipley, Traveller

The Terrace on the Corniche Abu Dhabi Restuarant

Open in Google MapsCheck Menu

Top Dishes People Order
Eggs Benedict, Sea Food, Cocktails, Salad, Fish, Sushi, Pasta

People Liked
Friendly Staff, Decor, Live Cooking Station

Average Cost
AED 230 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol
AED 25 for a pint of beer (approx.)

Villa Toscana (Italian Cuisine)

BuffetBrunchPrivate Dining Area AvailableFull Bar AvailableTable Booking RecommendedOutdoor SeatingIndoor Seating

With not a grain of doubt, Villa Toscana is the most authentic and popular restaurant in Abu Dhabi. The décor is stylish and elegant, offering the perfect ambiance for its diners. It offers the best Italian food in the whole of Abu Dhabi because it uses only fresh ingredients and homemade pasta with no artificial flavors on the plate. The options for seafood are unlimited and provide generous portions for its diners.

The restaurant guarantees that its eaters will cherish every single morsel of their food for it is very carefully and innovatively prepared so that its diners feel the texture and flavor of the food.

The customer service is five-star rated and if you are lucky, you will be surprised with complementary dishes.

Very expensive place but very yummy . They had quite a few vegan options and their attendance to us was great ! Their bread was good , as their vegetable fritters. Everything came out really good

– Cynthia Bernier, Local Guide

One of the best Italians in Abu Dhabi. The service was great. The host was super welcoming. The waiter was very attentive. The food was super tasty. We fought over the last bites of steak and risotto. LOVED IT!

– Lamis Katoah, Local Guide

Villa Toscana Abu Dhabi RestuarantOpen in Google MapsCheck Menu

Top Dishes People Order
Pasta, Pizza, Tiramisu, Wine, Set Menu, Salad, Sea Food

People Liked
Friendly Staff, Decor, Romantic Dinner

Average Cost
AED 375 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol

Byblos Sur Mer (Lebanese Cuisine)

NightlifeShishaLive EntertainmentFull Bar AvailableTable Booking RecommendedOutdoor SeatingIndoor Seating

Searching for a restaurant that pleases, not just your taste buds but also your eyes, then step in Byblos Sur Mer. It is a famous seaside restaurant in Abu Dhabi that is an expert in Lebanese cuisine providing its diners the comfort of outdoor seating. The lovely view, peaceful ambiance, and a magical touch of cocktails and shisha is a night worth remembering. Friday is the best day to visit this restaurant for the option offered is mind-blowing.

The restaurant is popular for its fattoush, seafood, hummus, and kebabs, where one will lose themselves in the yummilicious flavors of the cuisines. To make the evening more magical, the restaurant plays some of the best classics to take you back in time with no stress or tension on board.

Lebanese restaurant located in Intercontinental Hotel Abu Dhabi.
First time we visited, food was very good. Service was also very good. Restaurant location and view is great.

– Vivek Kumar, Local Guide

If you love Lebanese cuisine this is the best restaurant in abu dhabi with an amazing view and offcourse their delicious 😋 food..

– Shab Khan, Foodie

Byblos Sur Mer Abu Dhabi RestuarantOpen in Google MapsCheck Menu

Top Dishes People Order
Hookah, Salad, Set Menu

People Liked
Seaview, Live Music

Average Cost
AED 335 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
AED 30 for a pint of beer (approx.)

Li Beirut (Lebanese Cuisine)

Luxury DiningShishaTable Booking RecommendedFull Bar AvailableIndoor Seating

Among all the popular restaurants in Abu Dhabi, Li Beirut has topped the list for its perfection and simplicity. The very popular dishes like kebabs and falafel are unique and different in taste making them more delightful and special. The impeccable service, gorgeous dining area, and extraordinary flavored foods will definitely make you come back for more.

Everything about this place rhythm with Lebanon with décor to taste. And with no doubt, Li Beirut is one of the best Lebanon restaurants in Abu Dhabi. The desserts are very delicious and complete your meal. Finally, the diners can sign off with the alcohol option which has its own area for some aloof time.

PLEASE go here – we ordered the prearranged meal. From the starter to the dessert, it was an experience. The staff was very attentive and we were well taken care of. They also had a guitar player there – beautiful sound. When we tried to be brave and try different food, by far the best seafood platter we had. Never had a chance to take a picture, that’s how eager we were when it was served.

– Daas Tamhanakar, Local Guide

One of the best Lebanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi. Good service, great Lebanese wine, and others on the list. Nice atmosphere and is a great venue for a business or family dinner. Thanks for your service!

– MJ, Local Guide

Li Beirut Abu Dhabi Restuarant

Open in Google MapsCheck Menu

Top Dishes People Order
Seafood, Kabab

People Liked
Food Quality, Service, Live Music

Average Cost
AED 500 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol

Zuma (Japanese Cuisine)

Luxury DiningFull Bar AvailableIndoor SeatingBrunch

This upscale and stylish sushi bar, without a doubt, ranks top position in the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi. It is best known for its Asian and Japanese cuisine. The soothing music which perfects the ambiance makes Zuma one of the most preferred restaurants in the country. The service is outstanding and so are their dishes. It offers some of the best soft crab sushi, thinly sliced seabass, sashimi, miso-marinated black cod, and asparagus with a touch of wafu sauce.

It also has great vegetarian options and an area for drinks, where your bartender will keep its drinkers busy with extraordinary drinks.

Zuma al mariya island, Japanese cusine, they have some assorted dishes my favourate is beef and crab legs. I visited 5 to 6 times. Only problem is need some offer for regular person. Some discount due to high price. You all should go and try. Thanks

Kaasa Bombay, Local Guide

Great service, friendly staff , amazing atmosphere and ambiance, food is great , definitely will be back

Elias Saad, Foodie

Zuma Restaurant Abu Dhabi

Open in Google MapsCheck Menu

Top Dishes People Order
Zuma Salad, Maki Roll, Miso, Spicy Edamame, Mash Potato, Cocktails

People Liked
Worth the Price, Sophisticated, Dj, Professional Service, Dessert Menu, Good Vibes

Average Cost
AED 600 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol

Chamas (Brazilian Cuisine)

Luxury DiningFull Bar AvailableIndoor SeatingOutdoor SeatingNightlifeShishaTable Booking RecommendedBrunch

Finding its spot in the heart of the city, Chamas is a Brazilian restaurant popular for its cut meats. It is famed for 16 different meat quality cuts, where each tastes magically delicious than the last. It has its amazing eat-all-you-can-policy, making it one of the best places for the foodies. This restaurant is stamp-proof for meat lovers and offers varied styles and cut meats.

It is one of the best Brazilian restaurants in Abu Dhabi offering a peaceful ambiance while wading its diner’s stress with soothing background music. The customer service is very good ensuring its diners have a wonderful and stress-free dine.

I enjoyed it a lot there. Basically the atmosphere was so good and enjoyed live music. The food was so delicious and the staff was so friendly and they served us in a very good way. The manager of the Restaurant came on our table by himself and he served us beef ribs which were so delicious. Other meat cuts were also delicious.

– Arafat Mousa, Foodie

I have never been to a Brazilian cafe before until I visited Chamas. It was an experience that is hard to explain. The All you can eat option for food is just amazing. The meat was superb and how can I forget the entertainers they brought on that night. It was an amazing night and I hope to visit them soon.

– Waqar Shah, Local Guide

Chamas Abu Dhabi Restaurant

Open in Google MapsCheck Menu

Top Dishes People Order
Pineapple Grill, Wagyu, Ribs, Meat, Salads, Desserts

People Liked
Latin Music, Worth the Price, Live Band, Excellent Place, Venue, Nice Service

Average Cost
AED 700 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
AED 55 for a pint of beer (approx.)

These are just a few of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi, for there is a complete world of restaurants that are waiting to be explored. So plan your days and get ready for food adventure and have a gastronomical experience.

Tips to Choosing a Good Restaurant

Restaurants are a good way to spend time together, whether we are gathering with our friends, family, going for dating, meeting new people or any business-related purposes.

A good restaurant is one that sets a high standard for its quality of food, service, and ambiance. 

We have listed down the important factors that can help you make the right choice while choosing a restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

Choosing a Best Restaurant Review


Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, Abu Dhabi provides you with delicious experiences for all cuisine types. Choose the restaurant depending upon the specific cuisine you need.

If you are visiting a new place, make sure to know what types of menu are available first. From the variety of dishes to the extensive menu, cater to everyone’s taste buds.


Choose the convenient place based on your distance from the bus stop, taxi expense, and the parking facility.

A befitting place for the kind of dining experience you want to have, it can be a riverside, sea view, rooftop or outdoor seating according to your preferences.


Going for a romantic date or an important business meeting, the atmosphere of the restaurant matters a lot to enjoy having your food comfortably.

Know the decor of the restaurants like the interior design, lights, artwork, spacing, and live music (how loud they are) from their website and customer reviews.


Identify the level of cleanliness where the food has been prepared and the dining area. A clean toilet is equal to a clean restaurant, remember to check the washroom before you order your meal.

The level of hygiene sets a high standard for any restaurant that you want to visit again.


Choose a restaurant where you can get excellent service from friendly waiters and bartenders. The well-trained and qualified staff sumps up for the best and quality food that you eat.

Also figure out the service style of the foods being served which can be of a self-service, buffet, or pre-order that can suit your fine dining environment.


If your restaurant ticks positive on the above factors then enjoy your food without regretting the expense. Look for any special discounts and offers that will save you some money.

Select the appropriate restaurant under your budget where you get a better tasting experience and good service.


Customer reviews from the restaurant pages help to identify the ambiance, service, quality of food, and affordability for any restaurant.

Explore the dining experiences from the foodies and local guides before you are visiting.

We hope these considerations can give you an idea of choosing the best restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

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