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What Is Dubai Zip Code?

For answer to What is Dubai Zip Code you should know it isn’t a one number answer, so let’s dig into the details!

What is Dubai Zip Code? What is Postal Code Of Dubai?

Unfortunately, Dubai and the rest of UAE don’t have a zip or postal code system. Therefore, the nation relies on using the P.O. Box number and specifying verbal description correctly wherever the address is required. 

How to Order Packages in Dubai?

To order packages in Dubai and the rest of the UAE, you can use the Makani number or P.O. box number. Besides, if you’re a new expatriate, your office address is the primary one, and the company collects mail from its P.O. Box regularly. 

Additionally, if you are new and don’t have a number then do check how to register SIM card online in Dubai! 

What Should I Enter For Dubai Zip Code?

Dubai doesn’t have a Zip Code or Postal Code. If required to enter one, use 00000 or 5 Zeros as a placeholder.

What is the PO Box Number?

A P.O. Box, or post office box, is like a personal, lockable mailbox at a post office. Additionally, people use it instead of their home address to receive mail and packages. P.O. stands for Post Office.

What Is Makani Number in UAE?

The Makani Number is a 10-digit code assigned to every building and property in the UAE. This identifier is part of the official geographic addressing system across Emirates like Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain. 

makani number

Further, each Makani Number specifically denotes the entrance location of a building. The Makani Number ensures precise and accurate identification of buildings and addresses.

How To Rent a Postbox in Dubai?

Follow the steps given below to rent a postbox in Dubai: 

Apply for renting postbox in Dubai via Emirates post website
  • Select the Personal or Corporate P.O Box Plans depending upon the purpose
  • Proceed by filling in the required details and continue with the application 

The Emirates Post kiosk handles courier services, domestic and international shipping, and PO Box registration. Moreover, they keep you updated on your application status and completion.

Do Packages in Dubai Reach Properly Without the Postal Code?

Yes, packages in Dubai reach appropriately if you have correctly specified the rest of the address, postal code, or Makani number. 

In conclusion, while looking for what is Dubai Zip Code is, you should know it doesn’t use one. Instead, use P.O. Box or Makani numbers for mail and package deliveries. When ordering, specify the Makani number or P.O. box. 

If a zip code is required, use 00000. A P.O. Box is a mailbox, and the Makani Number uniquely identifies buildings. 

To rent a postbox, visit the Emirates Post website. Also, packages in Dubai are reached properly with accurate address details, whether using a postal code or Makani number.

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