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How to Recharge Nol Card Online?

To recharge Nol card online, you can follow any of the methods given below:

  1. RTA Website
  2. S’hail app
  3. Nol Pay
  4. Mehboub Chatbot

Recharge Nol Card Online on the Website

Via the RTA website:

  1. Visit the RTA website and navigate to the Nol Card recharge section
  2. Enter your Nol Card number and email address
  3. Select the recharge amount and confirm the transaction
  4. Make the payment using the list of options
recharge nol card online via website

Recharge Nol Card using S’hail Mobile Application

To recharge Nol Card via the S’hail app:

  1. Download and open the S’hail app on your smartphone
  2. Register and provide the required details
  3. Locate the recharge option and select your Nol Card
  4. Click the + sign near your Nol card
  5. Choose the desired recharge amount and proceed with the payment

 Recharge Nol Card from Nol Pay

To recharge Nol Card via Nol pay:

  1. Install and open the Nol Pay app
  2. Sign in with your UAE Pass
  3. Choose the top-up option and place your Nol Card near the NFC chip on your phone
  4. Select the recharge amount and complete the payment using your credit or debit card

Recharge Nol Card Online using Mehboub Chatbot

To recharge Nol Card Online via the Mehboub chatbot:

  1. Access the Mehboub chatbot through the RTA website or the S’hail app
  2. Fill in your contact details and initiate a chat
  3. Type “Top Up Nol card” and enter Nol Card’s tag ID
  4. Proceed with the payment through DubaiPay.

How To Top Up Nol Card From Machine At Metro/Bus Stations?

To top up Nol card from Ticket Vending Machines At Metro or Bus Stations:

  1. Go to the machine and place your Nol card on it
  2. On seeing the current balance and card type, choose the recharge amount
  3. Pay with the preferred payment method like debit or credit card.
  4. Select the Print receipt option and then take out the Nol Card

 How to Top up Nol Card Balance At Stores?

You can also Top up your Nol card at local supermarkets. These include namely ENOC/EPPCO Stores, ZOOM, and Standalone Stores. The RTA has made this service available in more than 50 locations in Dubai.

What is the Minimum and Maximum Balance to Recharge Nol Card Online?

The minimum and maximum recharge amounts depend on your Nol Card type and range from 7.5 AED to 5000 AED.If you don’t know about the balance, then you can check NOL card balance here

Frequently Asked Questions 

My NOL Card Amount is Pending. What To Do?

Go to a center where the NOL card vending machine exists and take the card in and out. Your NOL card will then reflect the balance. 

I Have An Indian SIM. How Will I Get the OTP?

You can call the helpline number of the RTA Center.

Can I Use Dubai NOL Card In Sharjah?

No, you cannot use the Dubai NOL card in Sharjah.

 In conclusion, recharging your Nol Card online using simple steps offers a convenient and efficient way to maintain a sufficient balance for your public transportation needs in Dubai. Whether you recharge through the RTA website, S’hail mobile app, Nol Pay app, or Mehboub chatbot, the process is user-friendly and accessible.

 By keeping your Nol Card topped up with the desired recharge balance, you can easily tap and travel across various modes of transportation, including the metro, buses, trams, and water buses.

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