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Who Is Eligible For Esaad Card? 

If you are searching who is eligible for Esaad card, below are the categories of the same! 

Who Is Eligible for Esaad Card?

  • UAE Nationals: Over 15 years old, valid Emirates ID, and a valid UAE passport.
  • UAE Resident: Over 15 years old, valid Emirates ID, and a valid UAE residence visa.
  • UAE Visitors: Over 15 years old, valid passport, staying in the UAE for at least 30 days.

ESAAD card is not available for those on visit or transit visas. Ensure you have the required documents when applying online.

Who Offers Discounts on Esaad Cards?

Various outlets provide discounts with Esaad cards given below is a list of the same: 

  1. Restaurant Discounts: 
  • Chili’s, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Romano’s Macaroni Grill let you save up to 15%.
  • Nando’s and BurgerFuel offer a 20% discount.
  1. Café Treats:
  • Get up to 20% off at Caribou Coffee.
  • Save 20% off on Papparoti.
  1. Fashion Finds:
  • Save with an Esaad card up to 15% off at Sacoor Kids.
  • Gymboree and United Designer offer a 20% discount.
  • Petit Bateau provides a 25% discount.
  1. Accessory Shops:
  • Get 15% off at Agona.
  • Timberland and Chic Shoes offer 20% savings.
  1. Dazzling Jewelry:
  • Bvlgari Jewelry offers you up to 45% off on selected items
  • Damas Jewelry provide up to 10% off
  • Jawhara lets you save up to 50% on diamonds and pearls
  1. Hotel Stays:
  •  Miramar Hotel Bangkok, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Four Seasons Hotel Amman provide 40% off 
  • Stay in Dubai with Avani Dera for up to 35% less
  1. Airline Deals:
  • Airlines like Flydubai, Flynas, Emirates, Thai and Etihad Airways offer from 10% to 25% savings depending upon T&C. 

Documents Required for Applying To Esaad Card 

You will need the following documents while applying for an Esaad card: 

  • National ID Card or Passport: Scanned copy for identity and residency verification.
  • Proof of Address: Document with your name and current address (utility bill, bank statement).
  • Disability Certificate: Required for disability applicants, issued by a registered medical practitioner.
  • Income Certificate: Needed for income-based applications issued by employer or government agency.

Ensure clear and legible document submissions to avoid processing delays.

How To Apply for Esaad Card?

Go to Esaad registration page
  • Add the required details like Emirates ID, contact number and similar
  • Click Submit to proceed 

Sometimes, you must go to a specific center to submit hard copies of your documents and give your biometric data (like fingerprints). After you’ve submitted everything, the authorities will review your application. 

How To Track Esaad Card Application Status?

To track Esaad card application status, go to Esaad official website and log in. You will see the status as Under review, issued or declined. Under review implies that the government is processing your application while issued states that your card is printed and ready to deliver. 

How To Activate Esaad Card?

To Activate your Esaad card: 

  • Go to the Esaad website and log in
  • Input the activation code which is printed on the card.
  • You will be prompted to complete the process.

It’s vital to keep the card safe and don’t share its information with everyone. 

In conclusion, if you were looking for who is eligible for an Esaad card, then UAE Nationals, residents, and visitors will be eligible for it. Additionally, if you are possessive about savings, credit card and similar then do check what is a good credit score in UAE to avail its benefits soon.

Frequently Asked Questions: Who is Eligible For Esaad Card?

What is the validity of the Esaad Card?

The Esaad Card is valid for 30 days after its activation, after which it expires. 

How Can I Renew My Esaad Card?

You can log in to Esaad’s official website and apply for renewal. It charges a service fee of AED 50 and additional knowledge and innovation charges of AED 20. 

Can I Renew My Esaad Card? 

Yes, you can renew your Esaad card, but it would be denied if you are a Golden Visa holder or government employee. Legal issues and outstanding dues can sometimes affect it.

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