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List of Top Real Estate Companies in Sharjah

Sharjah’s real estate sector is seeing considerable growth in terms of real estate transactions,” says Abdulaziz Ahmed Al Shamsi, Director-General of the Sharjah Real Estate Registration Department.

The real estate market has seen a substantial rise in transactions over the past couple of years, and there have been some significant developments in the coming months and years.

If you are looking to sell your property or even buy one, then it’s crucial that you get your home valued as soon as possible. It might seem like much hassle, but it will be worth it when you receive your first offer on your house.

So how do you find out what your home is worth? You need to hire a professional valuer to give you an accurate quotation for your property.

Find The Best Real Estate Companies in Sharjah

Through extensive research, we have listed below some of the best real estate companies in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

These companies provide a range of services depending upon whether they are buyers or sellers. They can also assist with buying or selling apartments, villas, commercial properties, or any other type of property!

Which Real Estate Company Should You Choose?

We recommend choosing a real estate company based on their history, feedback from previous clients, and reviews online about their service, pricing, and performance.

When choosing which company to work with, look at their website or contact them directly if you are unsure. We have provided details about the companies above.

However, we would always recommend reading client testimonials and speaking to someone who has used their services before – this may help guide you into making the right choice for you and your specific needs.

A good realtor can ensure that all relevant information, such as building permits, legal requirements, etc., is up to date. If you are planning on moving abroad for a while (say more than 6 months) and want to sell your home, you may benefit from hiring a real estate attorney.

A lawyer can help you deal with any issues that could arise during the sale process and ensure that you don’t miss anything important. With so much money involved in the transaction, it’s vital to keep everything sorted.

Can Expats buy land in Sharjah?

Land ownership is not available to non-nationals in UAE. However, foreigners can apply for residency visas under certain conditions. As per law, land can only be purchased by citizens.

To purchase land, you must be a citizen or a permanent resident. If you are a foreigner, you cannot own anything except vehicles, boats, or yachts.

Owning Property In Sharjah

The cost of buying a property depends entirely on your location and the size of the property you wish to purchase. As mentioned earlier, realtors charge a fee for every property transaction. This fee includes advertising costs, negotiation skills, search fees, and many others.

However, comparing different properties’ market values and negotiating the price tag is wise. If you are investing in real estate in Sharjah, there are various ways you can go about doing so.

The most common method is just purchasing a property and renting it to tenants. It’s not an easy option since finding tenants can often be quite tricky.

Another popular option is to buy a rental property through an investment firm. It works very similar to how you’d invest in stocks: you get a return on your investment and earn rent checks from your tenant.

This is one way that allows you to own multiple homes without breaking your financial bank account.

Final thoughts

You should consider the following factors when selecting a reputable real estate agency in Sharjah:

  • Contact the realtor to see if they have experience working with international clients/sellers.
  • Look at past realty transactions and assess if these agents were trustworthy.
  • Compare and contrast prices and commission rates of companies to decide which is the most affordable.
  • Confirm that the company has reliable insurance coverage and customer service representatives available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Assess their reputation and track record and ask for references.
    Read reviews left by former clients and watch out for negative comments.
  • Select a company whose staff members are professional but approachable; they shouldn’t try to bully sellers.
  • Have the seller sign a contract indicating the full amount of commission will be paid upon successful completion of the sale.

It might seem like many questions, but it’s completely worth it! You’ll save time, money, and stress by comparing multiple options before making final decisions.

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