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How To Get MRN Number in Dubai?

Since the advent of COVID-19, administering the COVID-19 vaccine has become mandatory around the globe. It then becomes paramount for people in Dubai to hold an MRN to get vaccinated. The MRN will help the medical team to know the patient’s medical history, that is, the comorbidities they might be carrying, before the vaccination process.

What is an MRN Number?

Medical Record Number, also called MRN, is a specific number provided by the DHA, or the Dubai Health Authority, for identifying a patient’s medical history in Dubai, UAE. This unique number helps you find information about your past and present health conditions.

This includes blood type, allergies, medical treatments performed by your doctor, medication prescriptions, and even emergency details.

How to Find or Generate MRN Number in Dubai?

Even without any medical records, it is possible to create a Medical Record Number (MRN). Additionally, you can obtain MRN even if you cannot remember your already existing MRN. 

How to get MRN number in Dubai

To create an MRN online, please visit the Dubai Health Authority’s Site, DHA App, or DubaiNow:

  • Visit https://www.dha.gov.ae/en/create-mrn
  • You must fill in your Emirates ID number, which can easily be found on your Emirates card. 
  • Upon filling in your Emirates ID number, you will receive a verification code to the registered mobile number linked to your Emirates ID. 
  • Once you have verified with OTP, your MRN number will be immediately sent to you.

Using this information, you can schedule an appointment for the vaccine shot, as well as other tests or procedures at any healthcare clinic or hospital in Dubai.

If you are experiencing problems such as 

  • unable to generate an MRN number
  • OTP is forwarded to a different mobile or
  • If you haven’t linked your number with the Emirates ID online, you must contact the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). For more information, please refer to our guide below.

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How to Create MRN Number Without Emirates ID?

Yes, it is possible to get vaccinated without the MRN. You need to send an email (info@dha.gov.ae) to DHA by attaching a copy of your passport and specifying your name and personal mobile number. DHA authorities will verify all the documents and allow you to get the vaccines without sending them to the MRN system.

However, if we are residents of Dubai, we recommend getting your MRN from DHA to avoid delays. Many leading hospitals in Dubai provide health services, and this MRN is helpful in public and private hospitals. DHA also provides home vaccination services. Get in touch with them and schedule an appointment to get vaccinated at home.

How to Create MRN Number Without Mobile Number?

To create an MRN number, an Emirates ID number is required. If you hold an Emirates ID, it is recommended to link the mobile number with your Emirates ID.

However, there are situations where you don’t possess a valid Emirates ID. During such scenarios, you can contact DHA. The staff will explain the process of generating the MRN. Contact the website mentioned above.

What happens when you do not have MRN number?

  • Whether you are booking an appointment or going to a walk-in center or hospital, a valid MRN is required to get a Covid-19 or any subsequent vaccine, test, or procedure in Dubai. If you don’t have one, you will likely face difficulties getting a vaccine. There have been patients who failed to receive their vaccination during the pandemic because of not having an MRN.  
  • Furthermore, the MRN number is crucial in managing your post-COVID-19 treatment plans. For instance, there is no way to track down or locate your previous medical history from hospitals where you were treated previously unless you have access to those files. An MRN enables you to search through various data entries that may be in your file for any further reference.
  • Also, not having an MRN number might become detrimental when approaching a reputed private hospital for treatment. The private medical team might be very reluctant to attend to a patient in emergency or non-emergent without knowing the patient’s medical background. 
  • Additionally, MRN gives much helpful information regarding your current prescription medications if you are taking them. If you move to another city, you could lose your original prescription records unless you have access to electronic copies. That’s why we recommend you keep your prescription documents together along with your MRN.

In Conclusion, we would like to say that it is always better to have an MRN than not having one. It’s highly recommended to get your MRN as soon as possible. If you don’t possess an Emirates ID, you can visit the nearest DHA branch and provide the necessary details to get the MRN.

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