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بوابة التعلم الذكي – lms.moe gov.ae (Ministry of Education)

The LMS smart education portal is an online educational platform dedicated by the UAE Ministry of Education for students in each Emirati.

Following the recent Corona pandemic, the UAE Ministry of Education has introduced an online learning platform for students.

As a result, students can also learn remotely in terms of curbing Coronavirus spread.

بوابة التعلم الذكي – lms.moe gov.ae

Each student is provided with a password for accessing the educational platform through their ministerial e-mail account.

Students can access materials and activities on the platform through the link below once they enter the platform.

With the new smart education platform, teachers, parents, and students can open communication groups.

Smart Learning System Login Link

You can access the platform through the following link: https://lms.moe.gov.ae
Log in with your email address and password.

You can also sign in with UAEPASS.
It’s a trusted digital ID that’s available to all UAE residents, citizens, and visitors.

Forgot password lms.moe.gov.ae

Click here to access the smart education platform: https://lms.moe.gov.ae.

  • Select Forgot your password.
  • You can choose to regain your password by email, phone, or answering a security question while filling out the email address. Press Verify.
  • It is recommended to register a student’s phone number for ease of access to students.
  • Once you’ve entered the code, click the verify button.
  • Re-register your email with your new password.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password.

What is the LMS smart education portal platform?

In order for male and female students to be able to access the LMS smart education portal for distance learning, the UAE Ministry of Education has developed it to serve as an electronic, digital educational platform.

Additionally, students can view their exam results, prepare for classes, and review past lessons.

Teachers and students in the UAE can access the smart education portal, distance education, and complete online tests, lessons, and activities through the lms.moe.gov.ae website.

More information: slp@moe.gov.ae

In order to emulate best global practices, the Ministry of Education develops curriculum learning standards and national assessment tools.

It also supports the government’s strategy of fostering creativity and innovation, helping students develop 21st-century skills that will enable them to deal with global challenges, enhancing education, and leading it to new horizons.

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Become familiar with the UAE Education System, its vision, future education, procedures, decisions, and strategic objectives relating to students’ futures.

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In order to better communicate with the entire community, the Ministry of Education has created several social media accounts, such as “Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, and Snap Chat” to announce departmental news and events and to respond to inquiries or suggestions.

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