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How To Check & Pay Fine Using Emirates ID?

Emirates ID is the national identification system of UAE, launched by ICA (Identity and citizenship authority).

It is a smart card that holds data about the identity of the cardholder which is required for various transactions in the UAE.

With the help of Emirates ID, you can able to check the status of your fine. The fines are imposed by the traffic police for overspeeding, driving without a license, parking in no-parking zones, drunk & drive, and so on.

Fines are issued as penalties and are payable to the traffic police department. The penalties start from AED 100 and go up to AED 2000.

People, who have been fined for overspeeding or other traffic violations need to know if their fine has been processed.

how to check fine on emirates id

In this article, we will show you how to check violation fines in UAE using your Emirates ID and how to pay them online or offline.

How To Check Fine On Emirates ID?

In order to check fine, you have to either visit the Abu Dhabi police website or app. If you are using the app, you can download it from Google Play Store or App Store.

Choose your preferred method and follow the below instructions.

While visiting the site, you will find the four different ways to check your fines as shown in the image below.

  • Inquiry By Traffic No.
  • Inquiry By Emirates ID (Individuals Fines)
  • Inquiry By Vehicle Plate
  • Inquiry By Driving License

Select “Inquiry By Emirates ID (Individuals Fines)” and enter your Emirates ID number.

check traffic fine uae

If you are using a mobile app then fill these details in the mobile app by following the same instructions.

Emirates ID Number is a 15 digit number that is written on your card.

Once you have entered the number move on to the next step.

Now enter the exact alphabets and numbers showing in the image under the Text In Image” box for verification.

Then click on the “Submit” button.

In case of any violation, a fine will be issued according to the rules and regulations in place. If you’ve violated you will find the details of your fines.

The details include the time, place, black points, vehicle information along with the amount you need to pay to clear the fine.

If you are not violated then you will see a No fines according to the conditions used in the inquiry process” message displayed on the screen.

If you have any queries about your fines then you can contact the police department for more information.

This process is the same for all types of fine, so please select which type of fine you want to inquire about and follow the instructions step by step.

How To Pay Traffic Fines Using Emirates ID?

There are a few different ways to pay your traffic fines using your Emirates ID card.

You can use the KIOSKS, Abu Dhabi Police Portal, the Emirates Vehicle Gate website, the Abu Dhabi Police Mobile App, or TAMM.

Most of these portals also have mobile applications that make the payment process more convenient. The procedural summary below will allow you to easily access your traffic fines using your Emirates ID card.

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Self Service Kiosks (SAHL) KIOSKS

The SAHL, or Smart Teller Kiosk, is a digital e-payment machine located across UAE.

  • With your ID, visit the kiosk station nearest you.
  • Click on e-service, then click on fine inquiries.
  • You will need to provide your vehicle information.
  • And finally, make the payment.

This could be advantageous for motorists not familiar with online methods of paying fines.

You can use these machines to inquire and pay traffic fines, as well as replace your driver’s license or vehicle registration certificate.

By inserting your Emirates ID, you will be presented with information about all the vehicles registered to you.

Payment of fines is now a lot more convenient thanks to these kiosks.

Abu Dhabi Police Portal

You can check your traffic fines on the Abu Dhabi Police Portal. Here are the details you will need:

  • Unified Traffic Number
  • Emirates ID
  • Vehicle Number Plate
  • Driving License

In order to pay fines online, register with your Emirates ID for Abu Dhabi Police e-service and receive a one-time password (OTP). You will need a username and password to complete the process.

You should be able to view the details of your violations and pending fines. You can finalize the transaction by paying with Visa or MasterCard.

Link to access the portal.

Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)

By using the EVG website, one can pay fines in a similar manner to the Abu Dhabi Police Portal.

You can, however, also get private services like insurance, accident claims, and renewal of your policy.

You can start the process by clicking on Pay Traffic Fines on their website. You can also pay your fines remotely with their mobile app.

Link to access the portal.

Abu Dhabi Police Mobile App

The app is designed to handle all traffic-related issues.

Aside from traffic fine payment, the app also provides numerous features such as traffic profiles, fine histories, registration plates, updates on the traffic situation, black points, and locations of police stations.

Abu Dhabi Police App for Android or iOS


To process payments, log in to TAMM using your UAE PASS or SmartPass. The number on your vehicle’s registration plate and your Emirates ID is required to pay traffic fines.

The service is run by Abu Dhabi Police. For assistance, call its service center at 8003333.

Link to access the portal.

TAMM App for  Android or iOS

UAE Ministry of Interior (MOI)

Online payment of traffic fines can be accessed at the MOI website under Electronic Services.

Register for an account to pay fines. You can also sign in with UAE PASS and then click on the traffic and license services.

After that, you can search the fine record and make a payment. You can also download the MOI app for Android and Apple devices.

Link to access the portal.

It is, however, required that you create an account, either through your Emirate ID or using a valid e-mail address, before you can access the service.

MOI App for Android and iOS

Paying your traffic fines has never been so convenient! You can now pay your fines from the comfort of your own home or office using any one of these mentioned portals.

Visit any of these websites or applications today to pay your traffic fines using your Emirates ID card.

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