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How Much Gold Can I Carry To India Without Duty?

Gold is not only a valuable metal for Indians but a source of emotion. Indian women adorn gold over any other type of jewelry, and its tradition is rooted in Indian culture.

However, while you live in the Emirates, some of your beloved Indians might have enquired you about gold or expressed their wish if you get it for them. You might even be planning to take gold jewelry from the UAE for someone special in India.

So, you would be thinking about how much gold can I carry to India without duty! If yes, then we have covered you all! 

You would prefer the incredible jewelry designs, purity, and tax-free gold to make it easier to get at an affordable price. Statistics state that you get gold 10-15% cheaper in the UAE than in India. So, you would want to take some jewelry 

How Much Gold Can I Carry From UAE To India?

Since you reside abroad in countries like the UAE, where the gold is exceptionally pure and of good quality, you would like to return it to India. Hence, if you are staying for a year or so, you are allowed to carry gold worth INR 50,000 per person.

Besides, if you are a female, then The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs understands your love for ornaments. Therefore, you can return to India with gold upto INR 1,00,000. Note that only females can carry duty-free gold upto this limit per person. 

The rate of gold in India is around ₹ 6,000; therefore, males can carry around 8-9 grams while females can take 16-17 grams of gold

Is It Legal to Carry Gold to India?

Yes, it is legal to carry gold to India, provided you pay the customs duty taxes applicable to it. You have a specific allowance if you have lived abroad for at least one year and then returned to India. However, that, too, has specific terms and conditions. 

Nations like Dubai are tax-free; hence you can buy gold without VAT, yet, you would have to pay the custom duty when bringing the gold to India. Whether it be particular allowances or excess charges, The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs decides it. Further, it is noteworthy that these vary in cost, weight, and even gender.

Also, if you have brought any gold jewelry from India for remake in UAE or similar nations, then the remade jewelry would be treated the same as bought from the particular country.

Can Children Carry Gold to India Without Duty?

Yes, children can also carry gold in India Without any duty charges. However, they should also complete their visa requirement of the particular country (that is, a stay of 1 year). Further, they, too, have a specific limit to the amount they can bring to India.

At a Glance: Requirements for Carrying Gold to India Without Duty

In a crux, not everyone and neither all types of gold are eligible to carry to India Without paying excess fees. You must fulfill certain conditions required for the same. 

Below-mentioned is a list of the same: 

  • You should have Indian citizenship as a passenger
  • You should have completed your visa requirement of at least one year 
  • You are not allowed to bring gold in any other form. It means that you can carry jewelry like bangles, chains, pendants, and similar stuff only. Thus, if you try to get gold coins or bars, then you must pay tax duty. 
  • Though women can bring gold worth INR 100,000 and men upto 50K, you cannot exceed the limit. For instance, if a man gets gold upto 1 lac, he must also pay duty. 

Besides, it’s noteworthy that gold duty carries are not fixed. If it exceeds your limit, then the authorities will charge you custom duty, which depends a lot upon the weight and price you have exceeded. 

What Should I Do If I Want to Carry Gold Bar or Gold Coin to India?

Despite knowing you cannot take a gold bar or coins to India without duty, some might consider bringing it. In such a scenario, you are not only eligible for a custom duty, but you also have to declare it at the airport.

You can then carry upto 1 kg at the airport after you pay the duty. Further, you should visit India only after at least six months, and your stay should exceed a month (viz 30 days). 

How Much Custom Duty Will I Pay for Carrying Gold to India?

If you are carrying gold to India, which exceeds the limit, or you have not stayed for at least a year, and you return, you must pay 13.75% of the custom duty.

This is variable depending upon the weight of gold and its cost. 

Should I Declare My Gold If Authorities Do Not Ask?

You might be planning to carry gold for which you have to pay, and it might happen that the authorities don’t ask you about it. Well, in such a situation, you should take the initiative and declare your gold to the authorities even if they do not ask.

If you do not do so and simply carry it hidden in your baggage, then at any point of checking, authorities will confiscate your gold and even arrest you considering it illegal. 

Bonus: What Should I Do If I Had Bought Gold from India?

It’s common for Indians to wear earrings, studs, nose rings, bangles, or similar stuff frequently, so you might have taken it abroad from India. In that case, you must get an export certificate for the same.

This will inform the authorities that you have taken it from India. It is usually for valuable items which you take abroad and intends to return with it. These contain several information about you, your passport number, and even details about the stuff for which the Export certificate is. In this case, it is for Gold Jewellery. 

It’s not a one-time deal; you can travel with it from India on any international trip repeatedly. However, the certificate should be valid till that time. 

Before going abroad for any promises, you would have certain gold jewelry. These might be a chain, earrings, bangles, necklaces, or pendants. An export certificate has a validity of 3 years. 

How to Get an Export Certificate from India? 

Getting an export certificate is an easy process, provided you contact an authorized gold valuer.  However, you must do so before departing from India. 

Follow the steps given below to get Export Certification for Gold from India: 

  • Open Google and search for Gold Valuer near me 
  • From the search results, check out the ratings and then select the one you find suitable 
  • Contact them over a call and discuss the details

Thus, they will begin the process, and you will get your gold valuation certificate. Further, while departing head-over to the Customs officer and show him the jewelry along with the certificate, Passport, and boarding pass. He will issue an export certificate. 


If you were thinking about how much gold can I carry to India without Duty, you would have got your answer! Males can bring gold worth 50K INR to India, while females have an allowance of gold upto INR 1,00,000.

However, it is noteworthy that you must have lived abroad for at least one year and that gold should be used as jewelry.

Gold coins or gold bars aren’t allowed for free. If you do not fulfill these criteria, you must pay charges for the gold you bring. This is because it gives the authorities doubt that you have bought it for sale or similar investment purposes. Hence, you are levied for custom duty otherwise.

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