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Best Air/Inflatable Mattress

Are you on the lookout for a proper and new air mattress this year? It’s your lucky day because we have got the perfect air bed for the needs of yours. Regular mattresses can be pretty expensive, to begin with, but if you look long enough, you can find some affordable options.

Sleeping in a comfortable air mattress might just be the best option then. We are here to provide you with some names of the best air mattresses in UAE. Pick the one you like the best. Also, this buying guide will answer all the important questions you might have as buyers about the air mattresses.

Benefits Of Using Air Mattress

To be completely honest, you need a proper air bed in order to sleep comfortably or lay your head down just a bit. This will not only guarantee a proper sleep but will also keep your body refreshed. Having said that, there are some other benefits of buying the best air bed that you need to know about.

It’s Easier To Use

You don’t have to be an expert to set up an air bed and the inflation is pretty easy for sure. Not to mention that packing the air bed is also pretty easy and it is generally very clean. Most air beds in the market these days are made up of vinyl material which is really smooth.

So, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the bed every single time. There are instruction manuals provided with very simple instructions to help ease the process of installing the air mattress as well.

No Problem With Storage Space

It is pretty easy to store the mattress bed. All you need to do is roll the bed from one end to another and then stuff that in the carry-on bag that has been provided to you. Home storing the bed is pretty easy as well and it doesn’t end up taking much space. Frankly speaking, air mattresses are pretty compact.

The Weight Is Less

There are air beds provided with manual pumps that are pretty lightweight and weigh about 3 kilograms in total. So, you can use these mattresses for hikes and other adventurous stuff as well.

However, there are some heavier ones if you are in the need for it that weighs about 9-12 kilograms in total. These air beds are the ones which can be used for camping purposes.

You Get A Larger Sleeping Space

Sleeping bags and other cot type beds are for individual sleepers. However, if you are in the need for more space because you have a large family, having air beds is the right option.

This way you don’t have to make many beds at a time. There are many different sizes of air mattresses available in the market these days from small to large. So, pick the one that suits your requirements.

Comfort Is Everything

One of the most important things that people need for sleeping in comfort. With the air beds, there is always peace while sleeping. The air beds are incredibly lightweight and you will not be feeling the hard surfaces beneath as well.

Not to mention that due to space you can easily stretch your arms and legs to have a very comfortable sleep. Go ahead and choose the right air mattress for yourself right now.

Durable Materials Are Used For Making Air Mattresses

Common materials which are used for making the air mattresses these days are pretty strong and durable. For example, sturdy vinyl is a very common material which is used for creating the air mattresses these days.

The air beds will be able to stand more than 600 pounds of weight if you get the right one. Also, there is no damage caused to the bed due to the rolling and the unrolling of the mattress too.

How To Buy An Air Mattress?

The choice of a perfect air mattress is not an easy one. There are some factors and features which you need to keep in mind for making the right choice. So, here we are mentioning some of these factors which can help you in choosing the right mattress.


A primal thing to consider when you are trying to purchase a mattress would be the type of it. There are some amazing inflatable mattresses which are very popular these days. Not to mention that there are pretty new models these days.

There are also the raised mattresses which are easier to get in and get out as well. Also, these are more comfortable than traditional ones as well. You could also go for the convertible mattresses.

Thickness And Comfort Level

The thickness of the mattress is very much related to the comfort level that will be provided by the air bed. When you buy a thicker mattress, there is no doubt that it is going to be more comfortable to sleep.

There is more air in the thicker mattress, giving you the amazing feeling of comfort when you sleep at night. This airbed has thickness of 22inch which can provide extra comfort and durabitlity. Also, there are memory foam mattresses that you can choose in order to have some more comfort added.


Inflatable air mattresses, like the regular ones, are also available in particular sizes that you can choose from. The range begins from the Twin mattresses and ends at the King Mattresses. Hence, you need to pick out the right size that you want to have in the first place.

This actually depends on the requirements that you have. For outdoor purposes, the twin and full-sized air mattresses are the ones to use for sure.

Ease of Use

Now, this is another important thing that you just have to keep in mind when you are trying to get an air mattress for yourself. Inflation of the air mattress can be an overwhelming task. So, you might want to choose something that is easy to do.

There are some mattresses that come with an air pump which provides you with a convenient and easy way to inflate the air mattress. There are some models that have the foot pump for this task.

Best Air Mattress in UAE

We have the top picks of incredible air mattresses that come at affordable rates. Have a look at this list and select the ones that you like right now.

Intex Double Raised Air Mattress


  • Innovative material consists of Fiber-Tech Ultra-resistant polyester
  • Waterproof mattress added
  • Extra lightweight and durable
  • In-built Deflating and inflating pump
  • Total weight: 7 kgs

Intex Double Raised Air Mattress


  • No loss of consistency
  • Incredible comfort and durability
  • The material is very soft
  • Ideal for home and camping purposes


  • The quality of the mattress needs some work
  • There might be some issues with air leakage as well

What Buyers Say:

“I’ve used this product 3 times only and it is already deflating within a couple of hours. Also not very uncomfortable. Not sure if this is a defect in my product or just low quality in general.”

“Arrived early. Great product, very easy to inflate and deflate. Comfortable to sleep on – we slept on it three nights in a row.”

“Effortless pumping. Material quality is reliable. however, i just tested it today and i don’t know how long this product will last.”

Buy on Amazon.ae

Intex Comfort Plush Mid Rise Queen Size Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump

queen size air mattress bedFeatures

  • 21.2 gauge waterproof Flocked top which is quality tested
  • Has 15 gauge vinyl bottom and
  • Comfort with a flocked surface of sleeping
  • Convenience due to 13” height from the floor
  • Dura-Beam interior construction
  • Duffel bag provided
  • Electric pump provided for adjustable firmness and quick deflation/inflation
  • Total weight: 8kgs


  • Less time is taken for inflation, about 4 minutes
  • Additional comfort added due to the quality of the flocked surface
  • Easy to carry
  • Pumping doesn’t take much effort


  • There might be some deflation in the morning after a whole night of use

What Buyers Say:

“Very comfy, when my visitors left I still slept in it for a week couldn’t fold it and put it away! :)”

Intex Inflatable Mattress With Headboard (King Size) – Our Recommendation

king size air mattress uaeFeatures

  • Made with high-quality fibers
  • The rigidity and robustness guarantees no deflation
  • Air pump provided for various uses
  • Size: 152x236x86cm
  • Headboard provided
  • Fiber-tech technology used and tested
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant in nature
  • Anti-deflation valve provided
  • Weight: 12kgs


  • The inflation doesn’t take much time
  • Additional comfort with headboard
  • The quality is very high
  • Waterproof mattress
  • Ease of use is very high
  • Lightweight and very easy to carry


  • The pump is not automatic and requires some effort to inflate
  • Might not be suited for use outdoors

What Buyers Say:

“Brilliant air bed. Many guests have commented how comfortable it is. My parents were staying so I am now sleeping on it myself and it is excellent. Also folds away very nicely.”
Other Variants:

(If the product is out of stock, check the below similar ones)

Intex Queen Dura-Beam Series Headboard AirbedBuy Now

King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress (Twin Size)

king koil air mattress

Our Recommendation


  1. Comfortable air mattress with a twin size space
  2. Durability is very high
  3. Lightweight and easy to carry
  4. There is no pillow top provided
  5. No batteries are needed for operating
  6. Tried and tested for quality
  7. Electric pump provided for proper inflation and deflation


  • Well-known brand
  • Proper quality air mattress
  • More space for large families
  • The weight is not that high
  • Easy to store and carry


  • Might not be that suitable for outdoor use
  • The pump is not electric

Product Video:

Intex Queen Size Airbed with Headboard

intex queen size air bed with headboardFeatures

  1. Headboard provided for proper sleep
  2. Construction is fiber-tech technology to increase durability
  3. Additional firmness and less weight
  4. 18” raised mattress
  5. An electric pump in in-built
  6. Easy to carry duffel bag for storage
  7. Capacity: 273kgs
  8. Weight: 9.6kgs
  9. Dimensions: 60” x 90” x 31”


  • Less time is taken for inflation, about 4 minutes
  • Compact product and easy to carry
  • Quality is very high
  • More firmness and reduced weight


  • No such cons found

Intex PremAire Mattress with Fiber-Tech Technology

Intex PremAire Mattress UAEFeatures

  1. Six-sided mattress
  2. Heavy-duty laminated mattress
  3. Comfort at its best
  4. Fiber tech technology for proper comfort
  5. Firmness control with new pump
  6. Easy inflation and deflation with manual plump
  7. Stylish duffel bag provided for easy carrying


  • Lightweight model
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Proper comfort provided
  • Durability is very high


  • There might be some expansion
  • The mattress might not be that good for outdoor use

Product Video:

Coleman Quickbed Inflatable Mattress

Coleman Quickbed Inflatable Mattress UAEFeatures

  1. Proper coil system provided for support
  2. Luxury and comfort with plus top
  3. Standard size sheets
  4. Double Lock Valve
  5. Attached Wrap ‘N’ Roll storage system
  6. Dimensions: 78 in x 75 in x 8 in


  • Firmness stays intact
  • Steady inflation with double lock valve
  • Easy to carry and lightweight


  • Temperature and humidity might affect the inflation of the mattress
  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Not built in pump

Maintaining Air Bed/Mattresses

You need to know how to maintain the air mattress if you want to have a comfortable night’s sleep there.

How To Inflate An Air Mattress?

  • In order to inflate an air mattress, you can use the electric pump or the hand pump that is provided with the mattress.
  • Open up the mattress’s valve and then put the nozzle of the electric pump or the hand pump into the valve.
  • Make sure that it is in properly so that there is no air going outside. The next thing that you need to do is to turn on the electric pump or start blowing air into the mattress with the help of the hand pump.

How To Deflate An Air Mattress?

  • For deflating the mattress, you need to find the particular opening valve in the mattress that you use in order to inflate it.
  • Open the valve to let all the air out. You can also squeeze the body of the bag in order to get all the air out.
  • The next thing that I would do is put the nozzle of the electric pump into the valve and set the setting to deflate. The air will be sucked out immediately.

How To Find A Leak/Hole In Air Mattress?

Having a leak in the mattress can definitely make the air mattress flat. Whenever I have to deal with something like that, I always go ahead and try this one thing that works.

  • First of all, fill the air mattress with air as much as you can. The next thing that you need to do is check the valves to see if any air is passing out.
  • Also, you need to check the body of the airbag to see if the air is passing from there or not.
  • There is another method of using dish soap on the valves and body of the air mattress. In case there are any bubbles forming on the valves or the surface, you can be certain that there is a leak.

How To Patch A Leak/Hole In Air Mattress

  • In order to fix the leak in the air mattress, you need to locate it first. Follow the above-mentioned method to spot any leaks in the mattress.
  • If there are any, mark them with a marker to have a better view. In order to patch up the leak, you can use the patch up kit that comes with the mattress.
  • There are also some cases where hot glue seems to deal with the leak in the best ways.

How To Make An Air Bed More Comfortable?

An air mattress is a pretty comfortable thing to sleep on its own. However, in order to make it a bit more comfortable to sleep on, there are a few things that you can do.

  • One of the most important things is to keep the mattress clean at all times.
  • You can use a mattress topper or mattress protector to make it look more beautiful and the surface more comfortable to sleep on.
  • Keeping the air mattress on a softer surface is another one of the ways to make it more comfortable.
  • You can use cushions and pillows to increase comfort as well.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs From Air Mattress?

  • Expose your mattress to high tempratures using a dreyer to get rid of bugs.
  • Do it once a month to keep it clean from bugs and wash your matrress topper or any protector sheets frequently for a peace of mind.

What is the Best Ways To Inflate Mattress

  • Using foot pumps and electrical pumps can be useful.

How To Blow Up Air Mattress With Vacuum

  • Just fix the valve of the vacuum to the inflation valve on the mattress and use it to blow the air into the mattress.

So, these are some of the best air mattresses in UAE that you can choose from. Pick out the ones according to your requirements and have a great night’s sleep no matter where you are. Follow our instructions on maintaining your air bed regularly for long life span.

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