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How to Check Etisalat Sim Mobile Number & Owner?

In this article, we will show you how you can check your own Etisalat sim number and as well as your registered owner name.

Using the following methods, you can check if your Etisalat number is registered or not, if you have forgotten your Etisalat number, wanting to identify the ownership of your sim card, and check your account balance when there is no balance in your account.

Dial *101#

Finding your Etisalat SIM number through an etisalat number check code is the most obvious and simplest method to know your sim number.

  • You can call this number *101# from your dial pad by typing the code and tapping the call button.
  • On your screen, you will see “USSD code running”.
  • Following that, you’ll see a pop-up with different options.
  • Enter number “1” in the box to opt for “Account Management”
  • Then  Enter number “3” in the box to opt for “Account Information” 
  • On the next screen, you have to choose the “Know my Number”  option from the list displayed on your screen.
  • Enter “3” and click on Send.
  • Once done, you will see a prompt pop up with the message that reads: “Your mobile number is 971XXXXXXXXX”.


Dial *101*1*3*3

You can try this code directly to get your mobile number displayed on your screen without needing to go through the option shown in the previous steps.

  • Dial *101*1*3*3
  • And click on SEND
  • The pop message will get displayed showing your registered mobile number.

Give a missed call (With balance)

If you have a balance on your account, you can just call your closest friend or colleague to find out your number.

Give a missed call (No balance)

If you do not have a balance on your card to give a missed call, you can use the Etisalat Collect Call service.

By using Collect Call, you can make phone calls to any Etisalat mobile number and the receiving number will get charged on your behalf.

Using this service, others can call you for free even if they don’t have enough credit to call.

All Etisalat postpaid and prepaid customers can use this service.

  • Each customer has the ability to set his or her own whitelist and blacklist by dialing *132#.
  • Blacklist numbers will automatically be rejected without bothering the caller
  • You will see the charges and details of collect-calls on the recipient’s (payer’s) bill
  • You cannot use this service while roaming outside the UAE
  • Only Etisalat customers can use this service

Using Etisalat App

If you have your Etisalat app installed and just forgot your number. Login into it to check your registered number

Etisalat Sim Owner Number Check

The emobiletracker.com allows you to identify the mobile phone number’s owner or operator in the United Arab Emirates.


This will display the owner number of the registered Etisalat sim.

There are various numbers we have tried, but it doesn’t 100% work, however, try it and you might be lucky.

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