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How to Check SSS Contribution Online?

To check SSS Contribution online, you can follow any of the methods given below:

  1. SSS website
  2. SSS mobile app

Check SSS Contribution Online

Via website:

  • From the right pane, select Member from the four options listed
visit sss official website
  • In the next window, log in with your SSS credentials and click on the I’m not a robot checkbox to enable it and fill in the Captcha 
login with your credentials

(If you forgot either of them, click on the label below the Submit button, which says Forgot User ID or Password. You will be prompted to recover your account via the email you used during registration). 

  • Expand the Inquiry tab and select  Contributions from the drop-down menu
select contributions
  • You will then see further options
  • Tap on the respective tab whose contribution you want to see 
check sss monthly contributions

(It will also contain the months when there were no contributions from your end which imply that either you were unemployed or your employer didn’t contribute). 

Check SSS contribution online via mobile app:

  • Go to Play Store/App Store and search for SSS 
  • Navigate to the most appropriate search result and click on the Install button 
  • Login with the credentials of your SSS account 
  • Click on the Contribution tab to check the particulars

Can I Check for SSS Contribution Online Without Registering for an Account? 

You cannot check your SSS contributions online if you don’t have an account. Therefore you must visit the official website and create one SSS account to create one. The below method will help you! 

What are the Requirements for Registering with SSS Online?

To register with SSS Online, you need your employment and income details, some documents and licenses (especially if you are self-employed), bank account details, and proper identification purposes. 

How to Register for SSS Online?

To register for SSS online:

Visit SSS website and click Register
  • A pop-up will display, click on the “I certify…” checkbox to enable it, and press the Proceed button 
  • Fill in the required details, and select  the right preferences like employer and more
Fill in the details for Registering at the SSS website
  • Fill in the Captcha, accept the Terms, and click on Submit 
  • Now, check your email for the account activation link, and you will be redirected to complete the process 
Account creation successful

How to Get a Printout of SSS Contribution Online?

To get a Printout of your SSS contribution after following the above steps, you must press the Ctrl+P keys to get Printout.  

print sss contribution

How to Check SSS Contribution Offline? 

If you don’t want to check the SSS contributions online, you can do that offline. Since, it’s inconvenient to visit the SSS office physically; instead, that’s done via SMS.

  • Type SSS REG <SS Number> <BDAYmm/dd/yyyy> and send the message to number 2600
  • It will register your number and fetch a unique pin which you can use for text-enabled inquiries 
  • Now, text SSS CONTRIB<SSS NUMBER><PIN> and send it to 2600

You will get an SMS of your SSS Contributions summary. Besides, if you still want to go to the SSS office, you must carry your SSS or UMID ID Card to check the contributions.

Who Can Contribute to SSS?

Anyone who wishes to secure their future can avail of the SSS contributions.  Provided you must not be a government employee. Therefore, if your spouse is working and you are not, you are self-employed, have your business, or similar. 

Further, if you are a recruiter, you can contribute to SSS on your employees’ behalf. If you want to avail of SSS services for yourself, then you have to apply as a self-employed person. 

How Much is the Monthly Minimum SSS Contribution?

If you are a non-working spouse and your working spouse contributes to the SSS, then from your amount, they will pay a minimum of 50%. 

However, the minimum rate is hiked after every two years, and hence some members have reported that the SSS is now considering a 14% minimum. 

If you are an employee, your employer will pay the extra 1%, and it’s 4.5% now, also! 

What is the SSS Contribution for Employees of Private Companies and Self-Employed?

For private companies and self-employed, it is at least 13% of their monthly salary or income. It is noteworthy that for privacy employees, your employer will pay some part of your contribution from that 13%. 

This part is usually 8.5% which the employer pays, and the rest (i.e., 4.5%) you have to pay. However, since the minimum has been hiked, the effect has been reflected in some users’ accounts, with the minimum being 14%. 

The SSS Contribution is based upon the table given below! 


SSS Contribution Schedule for Self-employed 2023
SSS Contribution Schedule for Employers and Employees

What are the Advantages of Being an SSS Member?

Below are the benefits of being an SSS member: 

  • You can take up several loans by applying for them, and these consist of education, housing loan, business loan, or even salary loan. 
  • It provides you with sickness, maternity, disability, funeral, and death benefits when required. 

It covers your huge necessary expenses to not cause you trouble at the last moment. 

What is the Best Time to Check for SSS Contribution Online? 

The SSS has set a fixed deadline for everyone to pay their contribution. When your deadline passes, you should check the contribution within 1 to 3 days. 

Besides, if you don’t see the contribution updated, you can contact SSS via phone or email. 

How Many Months Should I Pay SSS Contribution to Get Pension on Retirement? 

Before retirement, you must pay SSS contributions for at least 120 months to avail of a Pension on retirement. If you do not contribute to the SSS for this time, then you will receive a lump-sum amount on retirement. 

Besides, when you retire, there is someone dependent on you who will receive 10% of the pension amount. Further, when the dependent gets married, employed, or reaches the age of 21, then that Pension also stops. 

Which are the Types of SSS Contributions?

There are various types of SSS contributions, and each of them is displayed below: 

  • Monthly Contributions: When employees pay their contributions to the SSS via employees, it is known as monthly contributions.  
  • SE/VM Contributions for Self-Employed or Voluntary Members: When a self-employed person pays a monthly amount to the SSS, it comes under SE contribution. Besides, if employees voluntarily pay for themselves, it’s a VM contribution. 
  • Flexi Fund for OFWs: When Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs contribute to the SSS, it comes under the Flexi Fund for OFWs.
  •  Worker’s Investment and Savings Program (WISP): It is a tax-free SSS savings program applicable for workers suitable for their retirement age.

If you were trying to find out how to check SSS Contributions online, then you would have got your answer! Ensure you have an SSS account or create one as outlined in the steps above. 

Further, note its credentials, and you can then visit the SSS official website or use its mobile app to view your contributions. 

If it doesn’t suit you, then you must check it offline by either using the SMS service or visiting the SSS office! 

Out of the many known reasons, most SSS members choose to avail it to get a Pension and other relief funds upon retirement. 

It provides the perk of a government employee to private employee or self-employed persons. 


What Happens if I Fail to Pay My SSS Contributions?

If you fail to pay your monthly SSS contribution, you can also avail of its benefits. 

Is it Possible to Pay for My Previous Month’s SSS Contributions?

No, you can’t pay for your previous month’s SSS contributions. However, there’s nothing to bother about. 

This is because your SSS account will continue and ensure to continue your current and future contributions. It’s also noteworthy that you must pay a fine for the previous month’s contribution you missed. 

Can I Change or Update my SSS Contributions Online? 

Yes, if you are a voluntary member or OFW, you can change or update your SSS Contributions Online. To do so, you must log in via the Member Portal of SSS. 

Further, go to PRN from the contributions tab, generate a PRN, and change or update contributions online. 

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