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How To Check Labor Card Number With Emirates ID?

Check Labor Card Number with Emirates ID

  • Use the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MOHRE) website or app and follow the steps given below:
  • Download the MoHRE app from App Store or PlayStore and choose to Sign Up
Sign up the MoHRE app
  • Select User Registration Category as Employee
Register as employee to the MoHRE app
  • In the Register with drop-down list, select Emirates ID and fill in your details
Register with Emirates ID in MoHRE app
  • You will receive the activation link (registration confirmation email) over or SMS to complete the activation process
  • Sign in with your Username, Password; you will be prompted to answer the security questions and click the Submit button
Sign in with your details to complete the user registration in MoHRE app
  • Go to the Dashboard, and it will display your Labor Card information
Check labor card number with Emirates I from Employee dashboard

Which Documents Are Required for Getting a Labor Card Number using Emirates ID?

Below-mentioned are the ones which you require:

  • Employee photo
  • Valid license copy of the firm with which the worker is associated to
  • Latest Health Certificate of the employee
  • Signature card copy
  • Valid Passport
  • Three copies of the employment contract that the employer and employee should sign. Besides, it should also have the firm’s valid seal.

How to Renew Labor Cards in UAE?

There are MoHRE applications for the same, which the employees usually ask you to fill out. Further, scan it and submit it for review. Here’s where the Ministry’s database stores it.

Multiple documents are required, and you ensure you have them all to renew your employee’s card.

  • A color Employee Photograph
  • Your valid business license’s carbon copy
  • The employee’s current and previous contract
  • School Diploma
  • Letter of Approval (if required)

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization portal lets you conveniently check your application status. Besides, you can also put in an inquiry related to it.

It’s a mobile app, and the website makes things easier by increasing transparency. This is because you can also check the progress of your employee card.

How Much Do I Have to Pay For Labor Card Renewal in UAE?

The Ministry lets you renew your employee’s contract near its expiration date; however, you must pay for it. The card’s category decides the pay, which can be from AED 290 to AED 4800.

You can renew the Labor Cards of those who are 65 or below.

In case the person is above 65, then your business has to pay DH 5000 at the time of renewal.

The card renewal process is simpler if you have all the documents else you must reach out to the MoHRE center.

How to Cancel a UAE Labor Card?

If you are an employee who wants to cancel their employee’s Labor Card, then fill in the application and ask your employee to sign it. If everything in the form is appropriate, submit it to the Ministry of Labor.

You should then apply to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs to cancel the worker’s visa. Next, your company can proceed to their Labor Card Cancellation. Your employee must sign a statement stating that you paid a sufficient amount according to the contract.

In conclusion, to check Labor Card Number with Emirates ID, you must register with the MoHRE app and sign in with Emirates ID. You can check every detail, including personal and employment contracts. Further, it also has a digital copy of your Labor Card.

Ensure to renew the Labor Card near its expiration date timely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Labor card and Emirates ID the same?

No, a UAE labor card and Emirates ID (Electronic Card) aren’t the same.

What is the validity of the Labor Card in UAE?

A Labor Card in UAE is typically valid for two years if you are a private employee and three if you are a government employee.

Can I get a Labor card without a visa?

Yes, you can get a labor card without a VISA; however, before visiting UAE, you must obtain a VISA.

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