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How to Use Botim App in UAE

BOTIM is essentially an application that offers unblocked Audio and Video calls over long-distances. While this app is available across various Countries for free, using BOTIM in UAE is possible only when used in collaboration with Internet Calling Plans offered by local Telecom Operators.

Due to regulatory concerns regarding rising Cybercrimes and security, UAE officials have banned the use of Unlicensed Voice-over-Internet Internet-Protocol services like WhatsApp, IMO and Skype. These apps were the go-to apps for UAE expatriates who would find solace by staying in constant touch with their loved ones back home.

In that regard BOTIM has come as a timely tool to keep the communication channels open. Using BOTIM is hassle-free since it is compatible with all brands of Smartphones, PC’s, Laptops and other Smart gadgets. The app offers features like:

  • Free Audio and Video calls to friends around the world
  • Encrypted Calls and Chats
  • Group chat options with over 500 people with 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connections
  • Built-in emoji dashboard for interactive moments
  • Operator Charges apply

How to Use BOTIM App?

Getting Started

Before using BOTIM, first and foremost, decide which Telecom Operator you would want to go with, Etisalat or DU. Browse through the various Internet Calling Plans they furnish and select the one you are most comfortable with and matches your requirements.

Internet Calling Plans in UAE


You will have to subscribe to the particular Service Plan with your Prepaid or Postpaid devices from the official websites of the Operators.

You also have the option of subscribing for Multiple users, where the Internet Plan becomes available to use with your home Wi-Fi and any devices connected to it can enjoy the App services. Further guidelines will be presented to you after your subscription. 

How To Activate Botim in Etisalat
How To Activate Botim in Du

Downloading and Installing the Botim App

Post Subscription, the next step would be to download the App from an official and legal source. Since the app is available and compatible with both iOS and Android, it can be availed for Apple and Android devices.

Apple devices will find the BOTIM app in the App Store and Android devices should visit the Google Play Store. Simply download and run set-up to install the app.

Registering with BOTIM

Post installation, you will have to register with the app to avail their services. Ensure that you furnish the same details like Mobile number and Mail ID that you used for Subscribing to the Internet Plans.


Once the Login details are verified, you can start using BOTIM for communicating with friends and family.

Using the Features of the App

While the BOTIM app comes equipped with numerous features, the services can only be used between users who have the app installed on their devices.

Ensure the person you want to contact also has the BOTIM app since you will have to invite the other person for a chat or call session. Various account notifications can be managed with the ‘Me’ features in the app.


Simply follow the How to use BOTIM instructions on your app and you will have UAE authority approved hassle-free communication services in your devices.

PC and Laptop Compatibility

BOTIM was initially not compatible with PC’s and Laptops, but as of late, the Services have been made available by using the app in collaboration with an Android Emulator downloaded from a legal source.

The process may get tedious at times, but stick with the How to use BOTIM instructions for the emulators and you will have the Web Version of the BOTIM App running on your Smart device in good time.

BOTIM has essentially earned the distinction of being the primary VoIP app in UAE. Although having to pay a monthly premium for the service of long-distance Audio and Video calls does not sit well with many, the users at the other end of the chat or call will not have to pay any sort of subscription fee’s.

Using BOTIM nevertheless offers a convenient way to stay in touch with loved ones and the staggering number of users is a testament to its services.

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