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Activate Botim in Du

Developed and put to work by a private manufacturer specializing in Communication Technologies, BOTIM has worked its way to become a significant household choice for long-distance communication in UAE.

It is essentially an app that enables unblocked Audio and Video calls or chats across countries between two or multiple BOTIM users. In this article, you will find different ways to activate botim in Du.

activate botim du

The other sense of security when activating BOTIM comes from the fact that it is a UAE Authorised service that has replaced other unlicensed VoIP services like WhatsApp, Skype, or IMO. 

How to Activate BOTIM App? 

A frequently asked question, activating BOTIM requires proper registration of personal details and subscribing to a particular Internet Calling Plan of DU or similar Etisalat. Even if you have the app, you will not be able to use it.

Ensure you decide on a suitable Internet Calling Plan furnished by the top-notch Telecom Operators in UAE. Make sure you thoroughly browse all the plans before deciding on one.

Consider applying the Calling plans for all the devices in your house since there are options for such a feature. Whether you have a prepaid device or a postpaid one, there are plans fixed for each model, so ensure carefully consider all options.

Activating BOTIM in DU

Since the first step is to subscribe to an Internet Calling Plan, we shall discuss the entire process of activating BOTIM in DU. Again, using BOTIM, downloading it, and registering with BOTIM is relatively easy if you follow our instructions on using the BOTIM app.

3 Basic Internet Calling Plans DU offers:

Monthly Pack for Prepaid and Postpaid

  • Monthly premium of AED 50 (+5% VAT)
  • 30 days Auto-renewal
  • Enables unlimited Audio and Video calls from your Mobile 
  • SMS “ICP” to 1012 for activation

Daily Pack for Prepaid only

  • A daily charge of AED 5 (+5% VAT)
  • No auto-renewal
  • 1 GB data enables unlimited Audio and Video calls from your Mobile, just for the day
  • SMS “DICP” to 1012 for activation / Dial *135*35# for activation

Monthly Pack for Home only

  • Monthly premium of AED 100 (+5% VAT)
  • 30 days Auto-renewal
  • Enables your device and any Family member’s device connected to the DU Home Wi-Fi to make unlimited Audio and Video calls
  • Dial 04 390 5555 for activation

DU furnishes various Internet Calling Plans besides the three primary ones. You can choose further customized options with just Prepaid devices, Postpaid devices, or Home Wi-Fi. There are Tourist plans, Control plans, New Emirati plans, and more on offer. Maybe consider perusing through the other Plans for your Smart Home devices too.

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Post-Subscription process of using BOTIM with DU

After subscribing to your required Plan, download the BOTIM app from a legal source. Since the app is compatible with all Smartphone brands, For Apple device users, you can use the Apple Store, and Android users can avail of the app from the Google Play Store

Post-Installation, you will have to register with the App. Make sure you provide similar details like Mobile number and Mail-ID when subscribing to the Internet Calling Plan. After this, you are free to start using BOTIM as you like.

Make sure you go through all the features of BOTIM. But remember, you can only use the App with users who have the app installed on their devices. The other person you are trying to contact should also be a BOTIM user. The plus side for BOTIM users out of the UAE is that they do not have to fill or pay a subscription fee.

Using BOTIM outside UAE is free for all. While UAE residents have to pay a premium for long-distance services, BOTIM is a distinctly known Communication Services provider in UAE. Its services reflect the staggering number of users worldwide, not merely in the UAE.

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