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If you are in the UAE, it’s important to stay connected to your loved ones. There are many different video calling apps. A good one can be hard to pick.

In the UAE, BOTIM is the most popular video calling app, providing users with the choice of making HD video and voice calls. With BOTIM, you can send photos, videos, and voice messages to friends and family around the world. It costs 50 dirhams per month, as well.

Botim in UAE can be accessed in three ways: using a mobile application, downloading an application from your computer, or using a web version like Whatsapp Web.

Botim Mobile App

You can use Botim on your phone by downloading the Botim app. If you have a PC, you can use Botim web to access it from your laptop or desktop.

Install the Botim app on your phone: Android | iPhone

Botim Desktop App

To use Botim, download the Botim application to your computer (similar to Skype). Botim desktop applications are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download the Botim application from here: https://botim.me/download/

Botim Web

In the same way as WhatsApp web, Botim web allows you to scan a QR code to access it from a computer. Botim web lets you talk or call anyone in your contact list over WiFi or the Internet.

The Botim PC app is similar to the Botim mobile app in terms of functionality. The Botim Web can be accessed via your web browser from either a Windows or Mac computer.

Open your mobile app and scan the QR code from here: https://web.botim.me/

You can use BOTIM if you are a subscriber to DU or Etisalat by following the instructions below.

BOTIM Prime (Customers)

Through BOTIM Prime, BOTIM users can take advantage of Buy One Get One Free offer at some of the UAE’s top restaurants and cafes. With BOTIM Prime, you can choose your favorite offer nearby, tap and redeem, enjoy up to 50% off your bill, and explore local offers.

How BOTIM Prime works:

  • Explore your nearest prime offers!
    Tap & Redeem in one click!
    Save up to 50% off!

BOTIM Prime User Guideline

BOTIM Prime (Business)

It is most convenient and easy for a business owner to manage their business using the BOTIM Business application. It is easy to manage your franchise outlet information, list your business opportunities, and list your offers all with BOTIM Prime. Join BOTIM Prime.

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