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Bitsz Coin: What is it? (Purpose, Roadmap, Exchange Platform)

Bitsz’s vision is to provide enterprise-class platforms that trade and buy digital assets on a blockchain network.

In Bitsz’s vision, all assets will be distributed natively over the Internet. Tokenized blockchains serve as a secure, tradable, and secure platform for managing digital assets.

Using Bitsz full-stack platforms truetrade, bitszbot, and coinwheel, you can leverage the Next-Gen exchange and market, and enjoy the fastest online trading and best price.

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Bitsz Coin’s Truetrade – what is it?

Through cutting-edge technology, Truetrade operates a digital asset exchange providing the global digital asset community with the most secure, convenient, and seamless trading experience.

Challenges encountered during the exchange

  • A confusing and unfriendly UI for new users
  • Liquidity conversion problem
  • Latency in transactions
  • Complex and high service fees
  • Irregularities in the market

What does Bitsz Coin do?

Through the Truetrade platform, Bitsz provides global exchange and trading of digital assets through a One-Stop solution. We offer the following services:

  • The fastest trading engine
  • 10 million transactions in a second
  • Machine-learning-based arbitration

Purpose of Bitsz Coin

By offering the ease of access to and exchange digital assets in a trustworthy manner, Bitsz coin aims to cater to larger crypto enthusiasts.

Bitsz coin is striving to create a great marketplace for the global crypto community by embracing the blockchain revolution.

The truetrade company plans to provide various fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat trading sets to its clients immediately as part of its strategy, including Indian rupees and US dollars.

Bitsz Coin’s TrueTrade Exchange

In the global marketplace, there are multiple exchanges available, making it extremely confusing for crypto beginners to know which exchange to choose when trading digital assets.


In addition to the safety and convenience aspects, the price of crypto and transaction fees play a vital role.

By providing users with a single solution, Bitsz Truetrade Insta compares exchange allows users to find the best rates of crypto according to their choice from reliable exchanges in a short period of time.

KYC is not required at multiple exchanges, so time is saved and the tedious process is eliminated.

Check Bitsz Coin Price and Chart
Bitsz Coin Historical Data

TrueTrade Exchange Functions

User-friendly interface

  • To handle customer service, Voice incorporated AI Chatbots
  • From beginners to experts, various trading options are available
  • A multilingual customer support team is available 24/7

Service Fees That Reward Users

  • 00.5% Maker Fee & 0.075% Taker Fee is the minimum fee
  • Utilizing (Token Name) for various services allows users to enjoy incentive Programs and discounts

Measures of security

  • Authenticate with biometrics and two-factor authentication
  • Limit geographic restrictions by detecting VPN & TOR networks
  • Cloud Flare for DDoS migration
  • Custodial management features for BitGo Vault
  • Database injections are protected against any attacks

AML/GDPR & Data Protection

  • User and exchange platform policies to comply with GDPR and AML
  • Monitoring the trade with machine learning systems
  • Forms of governance and KYC are complied with
  • Monitoring the risk scores of users in real-time
  • Obtaining the required license

Adding Value

  • 10 million transactions per second
  • Beginner’s guides and demo videos

Blitsz TrudeTade Roadmap



The Truetrade platform offers a variety of blockchain-based services for listing and management.

While there is an increasing number of cryptocurrencies, there are very few exchanges that offer these services.

Listing fees will be determined by asset type rather than market capitalization.

In newly formed token and coin communities, high listing fees are the most inconvenient aspect.

By supplying a platform for qualified tokens and coins facing listing issues on major exchanges, truetrade aims to strengthen the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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