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Best Air Fryer in UAE

What is an Air Fryer? An air fryer is a small convection oven (it is an oven with a fan that circulates air at an even temperature) used to deep fry the food items with or without oil with the help of hot air.

When choosing the best air fryer in UAE, you have to ensure it has the necessary features that make the air fryer efficient in long use.

Benefits of Air Fryer

Foods that are cooked or fried in the air fryer consume less oil and it is good for health when it’s compared to deep-frying in the oil.

What Can An Air Fryer Cook? Not only French fries but also foods like fish fillets, chicken, meat, prawn, vegetables, roasted nuts, baked foods, and frozen foods can also be fried in this.

Air-fried foods are really low in calories and fat than deep-fried in oil. They eliminate major health issues that are caused due to the consumption of oil content foods.

air fryer dishes

How Does Air Fryer Work? Air Fryer works by spreading hot air around the food. The heating mechanism is processed by the fan available at the top of the fryer which distributes the air at high temperature.

The main part of the fryers is the cleaning and these air fryers are easy to clean and can also be easily removed and replaced. And the taste indeed differs from that of deep-frying in oil.

How To Buy an Air Fryer

It is always best to look into the features and specifications of a product before buying it. The best air fryers are those which reduce the fat and calorie content by a larger proportion.

Capacity: The ability of an air fryer is that it suits well for a family consisting of 4-5 members with a capacity of a minimum of 2 liters. For 7-8 members, a fryer with a capacity between 3-6 liters should suffice.

Before buying an air fryer one should go through how much it could hold and what kind of foods we can use in that.

Fryer Setting: The most important feature of an air fryer is the fryer settings. Higher temperatures can cook food more quickly. So, to be more cautious and careful one should know the temperature range, mode variations, and other specific settings.

Brand: When coming to the actual case one should always go with the branded ones. This is because there are plenty of products available in the market for sales and before buying such nameless products it is always advisable to go with the branded one rather than the unspecified products. After all, it could cause damages and run out of usage within a short period.

Best Air Fryer in UAE

UAE is always known for its innovation and designs in every aspect of work and function. The best air fryers in UAE are something where every workspace uses it and gives the best quality of foods in terms of taste and texture.

Some of the best-known air fryers available on the market are:

  • Black & Decker
  • Nutricook
  • Tefal
  • Philips

From street vendors to mall owners in UAE almost everyone uses air fryers which is good and consumes less oil and gas. This can be considered as one of the reasons why air fryers are highly used in the UAE and also in households.

Black+Decker Air Fryer 4 Litre, Black- AF4001-B5

One of the best features of this air fryer is that it cooks or fries the food evenly at a high temperature. It has variable cooking control so that the food can be monitored at precise temperatures. It can hold up to 4 liters of food in the same period.

Temperature:  80°C-200°C | 1.2kg Food Basket | Warranty: 2 years | Product Dimensions: 32.4×36×32.8cm | Weight: 8kg | Power: 1500 watts

Black+Decker Digital Air Fryer 4 Litre Easy to use. Easy to maintain. It has an automatic shutdown feature. This comes in three colors namely black, gold, and silver. It has a safety lock control so that the frying pan is handled in a detailed manner


  • Nice design
  • Good potential
  • Reasonable money value
  • Easy to access and install


  • Sometimes switching on and off may be a problem

This is one of the best-known air fryers and also used in many places. This Black & Decker is known for its easy accessibility and operation.

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Nutricook Air Fryer Oven by Nutribullet

This model is the combination of both traditional oven and instantaneous hot air circulation technology. It has separate buttons for time and temperature which is easy to personalize accordingly. This model comes with 8 pre-set programs and a single-touch operating mechanism.

Temperature:  65°C-200°C | Warranty: 2 years | Product Dimensions: 39×39×43.5cm | Weight: 9.5kg | Power: 1800 watts

With the extensive temperature range, we can easily reheat the food. It can be used as a dehydrator at the temperature ranging from 30°C-80°C. 


  • Comparative price range
  • It is a spacious product that may hold even normal trays
  • Perfect oven for small families
  • The quality is satisfactory
  • Well built


  • Defective delivery of the product
  • The lights inside the oven may flicker or run off sometimes
  • There is a difficulty in cleaning the rotating basket (according to customer feedback)

The Nutricook air fryer is a customizable and worth the money product. Because of its combination model, it has better quality and performance when compared to other products.

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Tefal Oil-less Easy Air Fryer EY201827

These products consume low oil to no oil standards. They can grill, roast, and bake at the same time. Comfortable dishwasher. They can hold up to 4.2l of food capacity. It contains 60 minutes auto-off with an auto ringing bell.

Temperature:  80°C-200°C | Warranty: 1 years | Product Dimensions: 39.2×32.8×32.4cm | Weight: 5.21kg | Power: 1500 watts

Tefal Oil-less Easy Air Fryer EY201827


  • Faster cooking times than conventional ovens
  • It cooks everything including frozen and fresh ones
  • More efficient
  • Worth the penny
  • The oil is consumed at a low level
  • Easy to operate the cooking settings
  • Serves more efficiently and effectively


  • No availability of visible cooking areas
  • Continuous examination needed while cooking
  • Suitable for a small family unless you have an XL model

This product satisfies all the needs and wants of a customer. They are highly recommended when it comes to a low level or no oil consumption foods. But at the same time, this product sometimes suffers from constant checking of the food that is being fried otherwise, it may burn or become overcooked.

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Tefal Easy Fry Digital Interface, Silver, EY401D27

This product is the same as the Tefal EY201827 which consumes less to no oil features. They comprise stainless steel jacketing. The parts of the fryer are easily removable and can be cleaned easily. They come with 8 pre-set programs or menus.

Temperature:  80°C-200°C | Warranty: 1 years | Product Dimensions: 38.6×32.6×32.4cm | Weight: 5.8kg | Power: 1500 watts

Tefal Easy Fry Digital Interface, Silver, EY401D27

They can hold up to 4.2l capacity of food. They have the accessibility to auto shut off the program and turn it down at the end of 60 minutes.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy customization of cooking methods.
  •  Convenient and less operating costs.
  • Suitable for a small family of 4-5 members.


  • A proper examination is needed.
  • Overcooked sometimes.

Tefal products are made available for purchase in terms of their easy use and convenient technology. They are highly used and recommended for all kinds of small family gatherings but they should be properly managed.

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Philips Essential Air Fryer XL HD9260/91, Black, UAE Version

It consumes a low level of oil at a maximum of 90% of oil-less or less fat food items are delivered. This product comes with an excellent feature of 7× faster airflow. With this feature, the food gets cooked at a minimum interval of time.

Temperature:  80°C-200°C | Warranty: 2 years | Product Dimensions: 39.6×39.4×38.8cm | Weight: 8.94kg | Power: 1900 watts

With the presence of starfish bottom, the heat is regulated optimally. It can hold up to 7l of food capacity. The temperature and the pressure are at an average level so we have a stress-free cooking session. This product is 1.5 times better and faster than a normal conventional oven.


  • Versatile performance.
  • The brand name holds all the credits.
  • The dimensions and the capacity of the fryer are way better than any other product.
  • 90% of oil-free foods.


  • The only disadvantage or disappointing factor is that it is noisy at times.

The extensively used or ordered product in the market. This product is almost used in every place and they deliver good specifications that attract the consumers to a larger extent. The product by its name holds greater credit and value and is notably the good one.

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How To Clean An Air Fryer?

Owning a comfy and outstanding product doesn’t matter unless you take care of it.

air fryer cleaning

These are simple steps to clean and take care of your gadget:

  1. After using the fryer, shut off the power and unplug it.
  2. Using a moist cloth clean the exterior parts.
  3. After that remove the tray/basket and wash it off in the water using delicate soaps or detergents.
  4. Check the parts which can be washed off in the water and handle with care.
  5. Use hot water to clean the interior parts.
  6. In case some foods are sticking inside the fryer make sure you rub it off with utmost care.
  7. Before inserting or arranging the elements make sure that every part is there and nothing is missing.

By following these simple steps one can handle or maintain the air fryer without any discrepancy. It is important to be keen and careful while handling the product and children should always be kept far away from it as much as possible.


So far we have seen what an air fryer is and how it works. It is always advisable to go for minimum cholesterol content foods if one wishes to eat without any problem.

Air fryers are the best products that enable us to eat foods like fries, chicken, fillets, and other foods without considering the health factor as it reduces the fat content to a maximum level.

This excellent product is available in all markets of the UAE and you can snatch your piece by knowing the right product and its characteristics. If you have decided to follow a healthy lifestyle, then you must protect your health at any cost.

We have listed the best air fryers in UAE so that you can know how to choose an air fryer for your family and other personal uses. Eat healthily, stay fit and so do whatever you want because after all, it is your own life and wishes.

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